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How to recover the desktop folder is missing, 4 strokes to teach you to get back to the disappeared folder

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Computer desktop placed on a lot of folders or management software, looks more cluttered, accidentally we may have deleted their desktop folder. Desktop folder was deleted can be how to be able to recover?combine pdfs for free windows In this article, we will recommend 4 ways to teach you to retrieve the disappeared folder, will be explained through the method to unfold step by step, the need for friends hurry down to see it!

1. Undo shortcut recovery

Unintentionally right-click on the desktop computer deleted folders,convert scanned pdf to word online free large files computer files lost how to find? This method is very simple, as long as you have not done desktop copy, paste, etc., you can use the shortcut key to restore.

The desktop folder has just been deleted. You can press and hold "Ctrl" on your keyboard, then press and hold "Z" to cancel the previous operation and restore the desktop folder.

2. Recycle Bin Recovery

How to restore lost desktop folder if you can't restore it by canceling the previous operation?pdf editor online You can use Recycle Bin to help you recover.

Click Recycle Bin on your desktop, and then click "Sort" in the view. You can find files by deletion date, size, modification date and so on.

Find the folder you want to restore, right-click it, and then click Restore, or you can restore the folder to the Desktop by clicking Restore Selected Items at the top of the page.

Limitations of Recycle Bin Recovery Method:The Recycle Bin has been emptied; use a method that permanently deletes files, such as using the Shift+Delete key combination; there is no setting to go through the Recycle Bin after deleting a file.

3. Computer Backup Recovery

If the keyboard shortcuts, the Recycle Bin can not find the files to restore, how to find lost computer files? If backup is enabled on your computer, it is easy to restore folders.

Open the page by "win+R" and enter the content "control", click "OK"; find "Backup and Restore Find "Backup and Restore" and click on it, then select "Restore My Files"; you can find the folder you want to restore by browsing for files, browsing for folders, executable search, and add it to the list inside; click on "Next Page", select the location for restoration, and click "Restore". Click "Next", select the location of recovery, click "Restore".

4. Professional Software Recovery

If none of the above methods can help you and you can't find the location of the desktop folder, you can recover the desktop folder through Data Recovery Expert. The software page is simple and clear, the operation method is very easy to grasp. It not only supports the recovery of accidentally deleted folders, but also can recover videos, audios, photos, emails and many other file types, and you can filter files freely to find files more quickly.