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Computers are finally saved! These six useful tips make your computer no longer lag and smooth as new!

Delete hibernation files

In the daily work, always encounter computer crash or lagging Wood's situation! Whether it is restarting software, or reduce the background software, can only temporarily relieve the computer lagging Wood, can not completely "cure" computer cottonwood!

So, I deliberately find six ways to clean up computer junk.convert pdf to word online for free adobe acrobat After testing the computer to improve the smoothness of the computer is very helpful, to share with you!

Delete hibernation files

Hibernation file is the system saves the memory for data backup files, most of the cases need us China and will not be utilized to this type of file, so when necessary students can be directly or deleted, for the computer to free up storage development space!

Description: Press [ win + R ] to enable "Run", type " CMD " in the input box, and then OK. Finally, type "Powerfg-h off" and press enter to restart!

Disk Cleanup

After a long time of use, the computer will accumulate a large number of "cache files". For these useless files that take up storage space on the system disk, you can clean them up directly in the disk "Properties"!

How to do it: Open [This Computer] - Right-click [Disk] to open the Properties tool, and click [Disk Cleanup].

Cleanup Logs

In the Event Viewer, we can view the "program logs" left by applications that use the computer on a daily basis. These log messages generated by the application can be displayed directly and clearly without affecting the normal use of the application.

Operation Technical Guide: Open the [Time Explorer] - mouse right-click [application system program] - select [clear work log] button.

Delete software cache garbage

This command opens the "Temporary" folder directly. The main purpose of this command is to store the "temporary files" left by the application programs, which can be deleted when the computer runs out of space to free up space for other file storage.

Directions:Press [win+R] at the same time to enable the Run tool. Enter the code % temp% to open the temp folder.

Image Compression

"Image files" are often the type of files that take up a lot of storage space on your computer. In addition to deleting unwanted images, we can also use "Fast Image Converter" to batch compress images, which can not only retain images, but also greatly reduce the storage space occupied by images.

Operation Guide:[Image Compression]-Add images-Customize and adjust the compression range-[Start Pressing]

Delete system junk files

(a) "Backup folder" as a storage computer before the update of the backup file, in the computer after the update is completed, there is no practical research significance of China, according to the needs of the enterprise we can directly delete!

The "Prefetch Folder" is used to pre-read some files for system access. When the pre-reading is completed, it has no practical use, need us to clear it regularly.

(Logfiles folder is mainly used to store daily logs. If you don't need it, you can delete it directly, and the deletion will not affect the normal operation of the system or software.