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she is 18 years old and is regarded by the rich. Now her three daughters are artificially pregnant!


 Li Jiaxin is red, but she is 18 years old and is regarded by the rich. Now the three daughters of artificial conception look the same!Zhao Min in Li Tianyan's "Telling Dragons in the Sky" is impressive and charming.Of course, Hou Jiayuying in "Golden Branches", although the actor's face is painted white, but it is pleasing to the eye.Li Zi really came from a movie family. His grandfather was Li Minwei, the grandfather of Hong Kong's first-generation movie star Lin Chuchu, his aunt Li Xuan and Li Zhuozhuo, and his uncle Li Lizhu, a famous Chinese child star in the 1930s.However, Li Zi was not born at a good time. Just when the family was in the middle, Li Zi went out to work at the age of 14.

Li Zi also has a younger brother, Li Ying. As an older sister, Li Zi worked hard to make money for her younger brother to read, and the two younger brothers had deep feelings.Fortunately, Li Zi is very beautiful, and her acting skills are very good. Slowly, she will make up for her life, and her life will gradually improve.At that time, the wealthy son Xu Jinheng started a passionate pursuit of Li Zi after his marriage with Carina Lau broke down.Li Zi said that Mr. Xu was a gentleman and had pursued her but had not accepted it.Because she was still in the shadow of breaking up with Huang Yulang at that time, it can only be said that the timing was not right.That year, Li Zi was only 18 years old, a woman with a lot of affection.

But the good times didn't last long. Li Zi's brother had a car accident and needed to spend a lot of money for treatment.At this time, Ma Yanqiang gave Li Zi a great help and helped her to visit famous doctors to seek medical advice for her brother.After a long period of company and a helping hand after the accident, Li Zi entrusted her body and mind to Ma Yanqiang.Ma Yanqiang Li Zi is 14 years old. He is the son of the founder of a newspaper group. He needs a wheelchair because of some physical problems.Due to their inability to conceive naturally after marriage, the two searched for a child's prescription everywhere. In order to have a son, the husband also changed the name of Li Zi to "Jia Er", which means "plus a child", hoping that Li Zi would have a baby boy for him.After multiple artificial conceptions, Li Zi gave birth to twin daughters and little daughters, adding up to three daughters.However, unfortunately, Li Zi's beauty was not passed on to her daughters, and the children looked more like fathers.

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