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Female stars make porcelain teeth one by one, but there are not many good-looking, but Liya is smart


Actresses make porcelain teeth one by one, but there are few good-looking ones, but Liya is smartLooking at Angelababy's recent photos, you can definitely find that she even made porcelain teeth! !! .White and neat porcelain teeth.Before the teeth were made, although the teeth were uneven, they seemed natural and loving.

AB's previous teeth were very good, looking very cute and very young.After making the teeth, it is "the female star with the same teeth" and has no characteristics.Is this learning from Huang Xiaoming's first love, Zhao Wei? At that time, Zhao Wei became famous as a little swallow, but she was said to have bad teeth, so she calmly made porcelain teeth, which is considered to be one of the female stars.Since then, many female celebrities have made porcelain teeth. Yang Mi did it, and the whole face changed after finishing it.Yang Mi's girlfriend Tang Yan also made the same porcelain teeth. It is estimated that just like ordinary girlfriends sharing lipstick and clothes, the two of them shared the experience of porcelain teeth.You did a good job, it looks good, then I will make one.

However, Tang Yan did have a better look of her teeth. It used to be a big tooth.The goddess Gao Yuanyuan also made porcelain teeth. She didn't do any plastic surgery but just looked whiter.Another Gelin Xinru also made porcelain teeth, the same as Zhao Wei's. Chun Shi's little tiger teeth before her are very beautiful and cute.Liu Tao has also made porcelain teeth. In the past, the teeth were rarely female, but yellow. The teeth are now Andy.After finishing the teeth, he had to make a kiss scene with Ma Tianyu. His husband said, "Tap lightly, the teeth she just treated a few days ago!".Among many female celebrities, only Li Li has insisted that her little tiger's teeth have not been adjusted, which is quite beautiful and very distinctive.Actresses are most afraid of hitting shirts and bags, shouldn't it be necessary to retain their own dental characteristics? Isn't it terrible to hit teeth? .

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