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No more spoilers! Cordless vacuum cleaner purchasing guide

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Vacuum cleaners have gradually become a good helper in people's daily lives. With the emergence of different consumer needs, the types of vacuum cleaners are becoming increasingly diverse. Cordless vacuum cleaners deserve a leading role in the vacuum cleaner world due to their simplicity of operation.

I believe that many people have encountered the situation that it is inconvenient or not long enough to extend the power cord when using traditional vacuum cleaners. Cordless vacuum cleaners break this embarrassment.wet dry stick vacuum And the accessories are also very complete, such as: mattress suction head, crevice suction head, floor suction head, carpet suction head, two-in-one brush, etc. , to meet the various needs of our daily life, very flexible and convenient.

However, in the face of a variety of wireless vacuum cleaner products, novice consumers will struggle through comparison when purchasing. So, how should we learn to choose?

Suction is the key

Whether it is a wired or cordless vacuum cleaner, their general principle is that the motor drives the impeller to rotate to create a vacuum inside the dust chamber,wet and dry vacuum cleaner for home and then uses the air pressure difference between the outside and the outside of the dust chamber to generate a strong air inlet flow to suck the ground garbage and dust into the dust chamber together. , then passes through the filtration system to separate the garbage from the air, and finally exhales the air.

Because the unit of suction is reflected by the degree of vacuum, the greater the suction, the greater the degree of vacuum. The degree of vacuum is generally expressed in Pa. The greater the degree of vacuum, the greater the degree of suction. Therefore, suction power is an important parameter of a vacuum cleaner. AW (pneumatic power) and KPA (vacuum suction power) are used internationally as the measurement units of suction power. Generally, merchants like to bring out the suction power of vacuum cleaners and the vacuum generated by the motor during promotions.

Run time and noise

The battery life and motors of cordless vacuum cleaners have improved significantly in recent years. The charging time is about 3-4 hours, and the running time can also reach more than 30 minutes, making its convenience gradually improved. Consumers only need to choose the corresponding product according to their area.

The vacuum negative pressure of the cordless vacuum cleaner is generated by the eddy current fan driven by the motor, and the speed can be as high as 40,000 rpm, which is impossible to achieve with ordinary motors. Therefore, the higher the rotation speed, the greater the suction force and the greater the natural noise. In order to reduce noise, some brands will install vibration isolators on vacuum motors. When purchasing, just pay attention to whether there is a special noise reduction design. When using it, just select the minimum power. The power is small, the noise is naturally small, and the energy saving effect is good.