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Angela Yangaba appeared at a shooting venue in Shanghai

Angela Yangaba appeared at a shooting venue in Shanghai

Yang Ying Angelababy appeared in a shooting venue in Shanghai, photo exposedToday, Huang Xiaoming's wife, Yang Ying, nicknamed Angelababy, said that Yang Tianbao appeared at a shooting venue in Shanghai, and her expression in the photo was faint and slightly tired.At the same time Huang Xiaoming was also in Shanghai, but unfortunately the young couple had different frames in the same city.It seems that after the baby is born, the cost is really high, and the money for making milk powder is desperately more.Then netizens who saw it discovered the "bright spot" of the photo.

After being reminded by netizens, she flipped through her previous photos.There are not many photos about her wearing pants on the Internet, because her photos are all wearing various skirts.I guess she also knows that her hip shape is not good, so she doesn't take photos of pants very much! Although a female star's face is the most important, a good figure can also make you a lot of points.On weekdays, there are many people in the photo, film and television dramas, various PS pictures, flickers, and the masses of the people. Even if you show your true body today, you can't wait to argue.Yang Ying became a model of the photography salon in 2003, signed a Japanese agency in the same year, and became a special model of the trendy magazines "Ray" and "Dear". At the same time, Yang Ying also officially debuted as a model.

For the next 4 years, Yang Ying has been traveling around the major shows like this, set off by stage lighting, beautiful clothing and high heels. Yang Ying looks very beautiful.But the real Yang Ying is like this. She has a wide waist, long legs and short legs. This figure is actually around the major shows, and it is still a little famous model.This is to explain to the world that the model does not need to be in good shape, but only needs to have a good face. Can the body be made up by decoration? .Yang Ying is still a very visionary girl, and she is very good at planning her own life. The model is a bowl of youth rice. Since 2007, Yang Ying has entered the film and television industry.In 2007, Angelababy appeared on the big screen for the first time, starring in a 5-minute character in "Broken Things" directed by Peng Haoxiang.

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