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The hyaluronic acid faces of these stars "collapsed", Xiao Yaxuan's face was completely differen


The hyaluronic acid faces of these stars "collapsed". Xiao Yaxuan's face was beyond recognition. Xu Zishan was like a plastic face!Stars are reluctant to be old and have not accepted the fact that they are getting old.Hyaluronic acid has saved those "no-goddess" and "no-goddess" in the entertainment industry.At the age of 48, Faye Wong became even younger in her temperament. The apple muscles on her cheeks were raised high, and she spent 3 million shots of "child face needles".After the marriage, Zhang Yanyi, whose face value was always offline, bulged his chin and cheeks, like an inflatable ball on the face, and hit too much hyaluronic acid.Xiao Yaxuan's face became more and more stiff, and now even the expressions are extravagant, and it was very difficult to squeeze a smile.

Xiao Yaxuan's face is already the popular "net red model". I really hope she won't toss her face anymore.Hu Yifei in "Love Apartment", the gap between her double eyelids and apple muscle is too big.When participating in the show, I was photographed with deformed face.Xiao Qiang, the first beauty in Taiwan, has been in her 27 years since her debut.48-year-old Xiao Qiang's face is stiff and unnatural. She is also a "hyaluronic acid beauty".When participating in the show, Xiao Qiang was photographed like this, because hyaluronic acid is unstable and often changes her face, the female star is really good enough.In the TVB drama "Fighting Tomorrow", Xu Zishan's face was as stiff as plastic, and her face was swollen.Even the facial expression was very difficult, and immediately became the focus of the media.The 62-year-old Liu Xiaoqing is known as the "Immortal Goddess." The years are fair to everyone.Liu Xiaoqing has also been playing with hyaluronic acid to maintain his face, and the apple muscle is obvious enough, as ruddy as a girl.55-year-old Guan Zhilin's face has collapsed, and he wanted hyaluronic acid to restore his flourishing beauty. As a result, he made himself completely unrecognizable.Her current status is this :.There was a rush in the entertainment industry-"stiff faces." What do you think? .

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