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Novice how to buy a first stock or ETF investment!Securities households how to choose?0050 0056 buy is very simple!

Novice how to buy a first stock or ETF investment!Securities households how to choose?0050 0056 buy is very simple!

Hello I'm SHINLIWhat I want to share with you today is"Introduction to Novice Investment-How to Buy Stocks"After sharing my dividend with 0056Many people left a message below saying how to buy stocksOr are there any teaching videos?Today I want to share with youWhat you should do before buying stocksAnd what choices securities companies should make.Then if you are interested, let's keep watchingFortunately, before the movie started,Because I am not a veteran of investing myselfI am just a novice like everyone, just investingSo today ’s introduction is to share with everyone from the perspective of “investment novice”.Because I do n’t understand too deep things.

But in the part of buying stocks, I can still share some of my experience with youOK, if you want to buy stocks todayThe first step is to open an accountThen if you want to buy stocks, the account will be divided into two accountsThe first is a securities insurerThen this securities integrator account is mainly a special account for stock accessThen he will record which stocks you bought or soldThe next account is the securities trading delivery bank accountWe usually refer to this as the delivery household.

Settlement account is a special account for money in and outSimply put, after you buy a stockHis money will be deducted from the delivery householdThen basically as long as you have opened these two accountsYou can buy stocksGenerally, a securities company may cooperate with other banks as his settlement account.So not necessarily you want to run a securities insurer todayYou must open a settlement account in their bankThis part can be checked online before opening an accountWhat are the bank delivery households they cooperate with for this security?You can also start from a physical bank that already has a bidFind a broker that does not cooperateThe process of opening an account will be faster in this way.

In fact, the way you open a securities account is the same as when you open a bank accountYou must bring your double ID and sealBefore completing the account opening procedure.If you do n’t want to wait too long during the account opening period,In fact, many securities companies can now provide online booking servicesThat is, you can make an appointment before the designated time and then open an accountRelatively speaking, it will save a lot of time.


Well, after talking about how to open an account, many people should have questions.Which securities company should I choose?There are actually many securities companies on the marketThere are big and small or you want to buy it. Some fees will give you discounts.Here I list a few well-known securities companies to share with youFirst of all, the first one with the most business base in Taiwan is Yuanta Securities.That second one is "Shinko Securities"I think he has a benefit.He can help you with a 28% discount when buying stocksThe third one is Cathay Securities.Then Cathay Securities is more suitable for petty peopleBecause he launched a regular quota purchase method.

So I think if you want to buy stocks on a regular basisIn fact, Cathay Securities is also a very suitable choiceAfter talking about the recommendation of the securities companyThe next step is to share with you how to buy stocks.There are actually many ways to buy stocksThe first is the more traditional wayCall your salesman and ask him to help you place an orderThe second is to buy stocks from the Internet or from the app.If many securities companies say that you are ordering from the Internet,He usually gives you more than 40% discountOr like Shin Kong Securities just mentionedHe will help you get a 28% discount on the purchase fee.

Whether you buy or sell between stock transactionsThey will charge you a handling fee of 1.425 per thousandIf you bought a large amount of stock todayIn fact, this small gap will be much worse.For example, if you want to buy 1 share of 100 yuanUsually 1 stock represents 1,000 sharesSo the total value of this stock is 100,000 yuanIf you buy this stock you have to bear100,000 yuan multiplied by 1.425 per thousandThat's 142.5Of course, if you sell this stock at its original price today,You have to bear the same commissionSo if you buy more money,In fact, these discounts will be very important for you.If you bought a small amount of stock todayAt least he will charge you 20 yuanOK, in fact, you only need to know the above information and open an accountYou can start ordering stocksIn fact, the design of APPs is now very convenient.If you want to buy or sell, you can place an order directly from the APPSo if you want to buy an ETF todayIn fact, you can also place orders directly from the Internet or APP.

But I still want to remind youIf you want to use APP to buy and sellYou still have to study a littleWhich securities companies are more convenient for their APPBecause there are some smaller securities companies, although they offer higher discountsHowever, they will be a little weaker in terms of APP functions.This is the part where everyone has to make their own choices.OK, that's it for the introductory class for novice stock purchaseI really have to reiterate that I am not a senior investment expertJust share my experience with everyoneAnd share with you some of the process of buying stocksFinally, I want to encourage everyoneIf you really want to invest in stocksRemember to open an account firstIf you do n’t take this stepDon't say that you want to invest. Even stock trading is completely out of touch.The matter of opening an account is actually not too complicatedBut if you do n’t do this step,You don't even have to think about subsequent investments.

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