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What does a family of four eat


Hello everybody! I'm Tu-mom!Today I'm going to make some Wontons!This afternoon, I'm going to make 1 week's supply of Wontons.Put meat on the Wonton's skin.When you're done making the Wontons, Put it in the freezer, then bag it.Now we start to prepare dinner.Wash some sweet potatoes.Cut into small chunks.Put them into the rice cooker.Pare the white radish.Wash it.Cut into pieces.Peer the lettuce offWash them.Cut the root of the green onion off.Chop the green onion.Prepare some garlic.Cut the garlic to pieces.I prepare more garlic because my oldest son like eating garlicPare the ginger root.Chop the ginger root.Do some cleaning work.Wash my hand.Crack 3 eggs.Add some chopped green onion.Add few salt.Stir well.The lean ground pork is not melted totally, So I fry the eggs firstly.I use to pour more oil for fried eggs to avoid sticking.

Do not heat the oil to very high temperature.Put the egg liquid in.Fry the eggs.Pour the fried eggs into a plate.Wash some shrimps.The lean ground pork is melted.Put into a pot.Add few chopped ginger root and green onion.Crack one egg and add in.Add one spoon starch。Add few salt.Add few white pepper.Mix well.When it is ready, put it aside.Put shrimp in a hot pan with oil.Pour the oil into the hot pot and then put the radishes in.Pour water in.Cover the lidFry the shrimp.My son likes garlic fried with the shrimp so we put in extra.Add few soy sauce .Add few black pepper.Taste it, a little bland, I'll add more.Now it is ready, put in a plate.Looks very appetizing!The soup is boiling now.I don't want my hands to get meat.So I make the meat ball with spoon.Put the meat ball into the boiling soup.Stir it gently.Cover the lid.Pour few oil into the pan.Add few pieces garlic.Fry them.Add some lettuce.Fry them.Add few salt.Add few coriander into the meat ball soup.The fried lettuce is ready.Looks nice!The dinner is almost ready.

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