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HT Nerdette Collectibles Preview

HT Nerdette Collectibles Preview

Know right here to show you all of December's upcoming exclusives.

The holidays are upon us. And what better gift to give than one of our exclusive bunko pops from Harry Potter? We have the best hypocrit that ever was and ever will be. But speak. He's flopped and ready to soar.

From the nightmare before Christmas, we have the Harlequin demon joining the diamond collection. He's covered in brilliant glitter and is sure to shine along the rest of your collection.

Do you know who the perfect dance companion is for LELO? Of course, it's wholistic. He's ready to dance his heart out and has a great big smile on his face. You might think that winter is a bad time for an icy, but I say there's no such thing as a bad time to enjoy one hour grape scented icy bury smells wonderful and is guaranteed to not give you a brain freeze. It's the best of both worlds.

For all of those naughty boys and girls on your list. We have the perfect present. It's Krampus and he's in his bright red outfit with bells on and has an unfortunate child in his basket. From Gremlins, we have the adorable, very kind Mogwai gizmo cruising around in his hot rod. Don't forget the three rules, though. No bright light. Don't get him wet and never, ever feed them after midnight.

Up next from DC Comics, it's the Batman of Earth twelve the Merciless with the helmet of Aries, Bruce Wayne becomes a warrior. He has virtually unlimited power and no sense of morality and goes on to wage war on the entire world. From my hero academia, we have a popping T of Silver Age all night. The pop is glow in the dark and the T is perfect for going beyond and showing your love for all night.

That's not all from my hero academia. We have two other items that are perfect for any fan. First up is a collector box from culture fly. Inside each box is a sticker sheet featuring your favorites from Class 1A, a journal, a pen said Are you a mug? And a racer had a racer, and a sugar rocky vinyl figure. It's fine now. Why? Because he is here. We have the iconic moment of almighty saving a ton of people in figure form.

This mega craftable is from just toys. And not only is it fun to build. It's also a great representation of the former number one hero. Funky pop keychains are the perfect stocking stuffers and we have two exclusives that are perfect for anyone that loves Disney. We have the one and only stitch in metallic form. and Winnie the Pooh with a honey pot.

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