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In the history of the most exquisite and walnut yogurt, brain puzzle, your blood, but not dry, sweet, soft and smooth delicious!


Walnut Soup: Attitudes determines success This dish was the most important desert in the Chinese National BanquetAdd water to steamed dry datesWu: Did you remove the seed from the dates?Sun: Not yetWu: How did you prepare the dates?Sun: Fully steam it until it is soft!Hand press and grind the steamed dates to remove the seedsBe careful not to get hurt by the sharp seedsRun it through a sieve to remove the skin of the dates, so it becomes smoothDates are good for your blood,Walnuts are good for your brainSodas are not good for your health, but this dish is healthyLaoFanGu not only teach you how to cook, but show you how to eat healthily.

This soup can also be served cold(from fridge) in the summer as a drink or breakfastThis is so much better than sodaWu: Son, learn how to cook, we teach you all good stuff in each episodeLearn from Shifu Zheng and Shifu SunThis is so smoothNow let's run it through the sieve a second timeIt'll be even smootherWu: see, Shifu Sun is very detail-oriented, this is also his life-long attitude.He is very responsible, tooWhy does he have this type of personality? 

Only people with this kind of personality can succeed.When there are important guests, It would be considered a big deal if the skin of the dates got stuck in the guests' throat after they had the soupThat's why we need to pay attention to detailsNow, it is very smoothThe short grain sticky rice has been soaked for 3 hoursAdd sticky rice, water and walnuts to the blenderRun the mixture through the sieveIt looks like milkRun the mixture through the sieve three timesAdd sugar cubesSuper healthyJr. Wu: I can definitely learn a lot and eat a lotWu: Not only learning and eating, but remembering the techniques and the flavor.

It is your responsibility to inherit this and spread it out.Note: Don't use iron pot to cook this! The soup burns easily in iron pot.What's the best option here: copper pot. You can use it for life. Keep stirring to prevent burning.It is a soup, which means you shouldn't see it solidify or too thin. It should be in between.The soup should feel like thin batterUse this huge pot instead.This is good, the soup is about to spillLet the soup simmer for a while until the sticky rice is fully cookedThen add dates batterLook at the color, so goodIt smells delicious nowSimmer it until you see big bubbles in the pot. Then you can turn off the stoveHave a try.Let it continue to simmer until it gets thickerThis is so good.It will be even better if it is ice cold.Now you see the soup is boiling, and the it is the right densityRun the final product through the sieve one last time.

You know how I got my title as a Banquet Master? I never compromise qualityWhen people say I am better, usually there is not much difference in techniques, what really matters is the attention to detailsStir the soup so it blends wellSun: Jr Wu, did you remember all these?Jr. Wu: YepTeaching cooking needs to show the process in person or you will never figure it out by reading instructions.For example, if I simply give you a recipe, 2 grams a salt, 3 grams of sugar, what about the heat? 

Western cooking is standardized, but Chinese food is different.Have a trySun: What do you think, Jr. Wu? Give me some suggestions.Jr.Wu: so goodThe walnut soup made by Shifu Zheng is a Chinese National Banquet dish.It is smooth,soft,delicious,not too sweetThis is how good he is.Classic!Sun: Is it good?Wu: super good!I am Oldest uncle (Shifu Zheng), I am Second oldest uncle(Shifu Sun), I am youngest(Master Wu).We are LaoFanGuPlease subscribe to our Youtube channelWe share our cooking skills with you.We also show you some helpful tricks and tips in cooking. Hope you enjoy.We hope all foodies around of the world will like our videos, subscribe to our channels and turn on the notifications.In the meantime, we wish all viewers all the best.

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