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The trunk skeleton in my closet?! Airport makeup look? A day at the airport?"001 | Vlog Joyce Chu herb


TADAA~ This is my luggage case! <#I think im done packing ~??erm.....oh no ..(can't close it)aww... i love you pillow, but..bye bye TTERM.........alright, this is my..cusual outfitsand i often kept my things in separate pouchlike Makeup productshow about this pouch?oh , it's makeup products*another pouch*it's still MAKEUP PRODUCTS 😂how bout this bag then??oh~ this bag of things are prepared for me by mummyThere's chicken essence and some health care products!Sometimes when i feel tired , ill just take emand also my face mask~This bag contain all my hair productsits quite a big bagthere's straightener , hair crimper , curling brush , spray ..combi even have two combs hahahere i have different international plugs, since i travel alot for workand this is , house keys, laptop charger, accessorieslet's see what's this , OH my cap !yeay! you know, caps are very essential , especially when we gurls forgot to wash our hairoh yeah , i also need sunglasses when i have rehearsal, you know ..it Is the best coverage for a naked face LOLLLok .. what's this?😳!!

well... you dont need to know about this~~dont judge me !! this is my electronic scale for weight measurementI did talk about how i worked very ...veryyy ..(guilty?) hard on monitoring my weightyeap! so this is very important, some hotel doesnt provide this ( cheh~)how about the days where we promised to never get fat again??this sause is Malaysion's proudthis is SERIOUS ! and very IMPORTANT !!evrything added by this sause becomes..FIVE STARS!!hi scale, do you have any comments?IM TRULY DISAPPOINTED IN..............OK! OK! OK! OK....... (ill just leave it behind thn...)oh and this is my Ukulelehmm, i think it is able to close it nowalright , it's time for me to sleep now~~~ill bring you guys to the airport with me tmr <3Good morning!! it's around 10am nowand im gonna put on some light casual makeupUsually i fly with a naked face on my flightbut there will be a rehearsal once i landedso, i better put on some nice decent simple makeup to meet peopleThis is so goodddd!it basically erase all the things that u dont want to see in a secondits always dead silence when we girls put on make updone~~ let's do the browsSong* IT'S UNBEARABLE .WHEN THE AIR.. FALLS INTO SILENCEEH? i have fringeyou wont notice if i only draw one side of the browok....i'll do both sides ,

Incase the wind is too strong hahasong* IM NOT READY... FOR A SUDDEN CONCERN FROM A FRIEND~BROWS: R U OKAY GURL??DONE!!<3NEXT UP! im gonna apply some eye shadowit's actually a bronzer , but i like the colourdont waste it when your done, use it for shading your noseso it's natural and not wastefulIm so smart omg hehehehhhajdhjthn, im gonna put on some blushits kinda like orange plus pink, i think it suits my outfitok done! lets put on some powderbut rmb, less is more!and also because , the air is very dry on the plane ,u dont want a cracked skinfinallt, imma curl my lashesi use this mascara for my lashie, its so goodWHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS FACE?

😂im going to control my face for not doing thatSMILE!!urghhh... it's so difficultTADAAA~~~ WE ARE ALL SET!For hair, i did a pigtailsbacause my hair length is in a awkward positioni wanted a ponytail however its gonna be difficult to sleep with it on the planebut pigtails, u can lay down comfortablyHi !! we are heading to the airport now..but my heart is pounding so fastand my legs are shaking ..... because when i was about to come down here..there was an earthquake !!!!IT WAS SO SCARY ,EVERYTHING WAS SHAKING DRASTICALLYIt's vry dangerous , so guys rmb when u encounter an earthquakethat there's no sign of stopping, rmb to run out of the house immediately !or stay under the beamahhh i cant calm myself now im still shaking..but we have to continue our vlog~today im wearing a PUMA sweaterBALENCIAGA bagand for my shoes, its so cute, hello kittylook what it can dohahahahahaha you can DIY images you like and change itwe arrived TAOYUAN international airport! let's go check in !me : have you brought your passport??YU QING aka CAPTAIN ELEPHANT (my manager)XDDDHAHAHA YES I HAVE , U SCARED ME !YEAH!! CHECKED IN!

Now waiting for the luggage to pass, and we shall go ineh? why were you out so fast ?(immigration)because i dont have to queue~wanna know why? i have this! SPEEDY pass!if you often fly in and out of taiwan, you can apply this online , super convenientTips of the day~~eh? why you look so down? your face is so grayyy hahahahano~ because we have business classusually they will have a lounge (i wanted to bring u guys there)but today.. i find out Scoot doesnt have a lounge packageSo are going to eat crap food instead??hahahahahahahaha no, it's we gonna pay for our food now , where we couldve got it for free hahahahha*tourist taking pictures*hey , do you wanna get a picture too???hurry up , go take a picture ,gogogo~go and give me a thumb ups HAHAHAlook , they are all doing itTWO TWO , TWO thumb ups, cross your legs~~WORLD BEST TOURIST AMBASSADORHAHAH *UNBEARABLE TO WATCH*CHICKEN SOUP <3 We r in a hurry, because the flight is taking off in 15 mins!dig in !!!!! oh~~~~~~~ hurry hurry eatBEEF NOODLESSSSSSS <3NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM <3BLUB BLUB , OK BYEBYE!CAPTAIN ELEPHANT RUN!!!!RUN FOR YOUR LIVE!!!!!(DONT FILM FROM MY BACK IT'S UGLY !!!!!!)WE'RE ON TIME....so many people, let's go wait!i want a coca cola....(YOU GON BE FAT ) say no to sodas!!! im the genius of losing weight!! (from last QnA)we are now boarding ~~~~im on the plane now !!~ it's going to take off soonso bye guys TThope you guys liked my first vlog , i shall see you next time !!!! <3 <3hey, are we going to miss a flight as you sit in there forever????HAHAHAHAHAHAHA1o years later*sigh...**sigh* x2why e u sighing ???*SIGH..* X3I FEEL LIKE DROPPING SOME KIDS (TAKING A SHIT)YOU'RE SUPER ANNOYING XD XDILL KILL YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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