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Not as high as theywent, definitely not.No, we're bringinghim to the top.No, please don't.[SCREAMING][MUSIC PLAYING][SCREAMING]Fire in the hole.That's medical.[YELLING]OK, I have no idea whatwe're going to do today.But I know Alex is hereand I'm meeting himand we're going toget into some trouble.In the show we'rejust a bunch of kidswho are forced to create thisnew world, this new society.And part of thatis giving up someof the comforts thatcertain people are used to.I have no idea whatI've signed up for.

A road trip through New Englandwas the pitch, but you know,something tells me that therecould be challenges ahead.I think it's fun to justdive into new experiences.And that's partof my personality.What is this?Go to the stairs wherethe Freedom Trailmeets Beacon Street.Lovely.I thought it said bacon,which I was prettyexcited about, but OK, come on.Let's go.You look through the lens.Say hi.Stop it.Tasha.Oh, Jacques.I think these are for us.Tash, Jacques, we got clues.Come grab your backpack.Yeah, there was allkinds of stuff in them.Oh my God.What are we doing?I'm catching some seafoodthat I'm terrified of.It was just like a mysterygrab bag and a whole bunchof hints and clues.Does this mean we're goingto be, like, abandonedin the middle of nowhere?Oh, that's flint.Stop, you're goingto ruin my clue.

Let's go.Let's go.Oh my God.When the buses pulledup, I felt like wewere going back to New Ham.Why are you getting on?Have you learned nothing?It's going to bedifferent this time.It's not going to bedifferent this time.Everything's fine.Everything's fine.[MUSIC PLAYING]Hey, guys.What's going on?Wait, no, this--How's it going?Yeah, we've got someobstacle courses for you.Some part of survivinginvolves some teamwork.We're going to help youpolish those skills.

This right here is called theMoby Deck, it's a 360 seesaw.Your challenge is first toget all four of you on hereand to stay balancedfor 10 seconds.Your second challenge isto sit down in the spaceswhere you are whilestaying balanced.Doing this.[YELLING]This is the problem,everybody just gets on.OK, OK, OK.I'll get on the side right here.If we all hold hands,that'll mean that we're--It just means you're going topull me down when you fall.--safe distance apart.We've got some good energybetween us, I think.We all got on andit just balanced.Yeah, yeah, yeah.Jacques lean back.Leaning, leaning, leaning.Very good.All right, so 10 seconds.10 seconds.All right, sit down, bad boys.One--Oh boy.This is our moment.That was excellent.Thank you.Put it down there for you.You are going to stopjust about there.[SCREAMING]Oh!I want to go.What if you hit a tree?I want to go.

Oh, this looks like a blast.I want to do that.I feel like a beast.I feel like I'mready for action.I feel like thishelmet's a bit too big.Shake your head yes.Shake your head no.Yeah, it's too loose.We're going to fix that for you.OK, great.What you'll do whenyou're up there, is youwill pull that andrelease yourself.You guys better not drop me.Heave.Ho.Hey, Alex, you want to help?I'm worried about Kathryn.Synergy, bro.We pulled each other'sweight literally.You guys this isreally, really high.OK, here I go.3, 2, 1.[SCREAMING]It was really intense.It's like a roller coaster.[SCREAMING]And then Alex doing itwas my favorite momentof this entire day so far.[MUSIC PLAYING]Oh man, I was so proud of Fitz.Not as high as theywent, definitely not.No, we're bringinghim to the top.No, please don't.That's fucking cruel.No, he was legit scared.And I think, like--No, I wasn't.Yeah, you were.Dude.OK, yeah, that's good.All right, you're sure youdon't want to go any higher?Yeah.Nope.No, I'm fucking good.The swing was verylife changing for me.I've never likedheights and I've alwaysbeen afraid of them.[SCREAMING]Hey, that was not bad actually.Should I go higher?No, no, I take it back.I instantly regretted that.Fitz, look down.Look at me, Fitz.[SCREAMING]

We all cried on the floor.This is how Spiderman feels.He conquered his fearand that's the lessonthat I think we all wereable to take away from it.[MUSIC PLAYING][HOWLING]Hi, sir.Hey guys, what's up?Oh, Jeff, yeah.He was incredibly knowledgeableabout the forest and the woodswhere he just happened to be.You can go threedays without water.Right.You can go a month without food.The first thing youneed is shelter.So you've stayed out allnight in one of these before?Many, many times.Some mornings I woke up andthere would be steam coming outof the shelter I was so warm.Oh my God.Really?You're like Bear Grylls.Yeah.Wow.We had a moment of building thatdebris hut, as he called it.All you have todo, guys, bend overand you'll get nice and warm.And then just gentlythrow them on.All right, Jacques,show us how it's done.Wait, seriously?

Get in there, big boy.Get naked first.You definitelyjust gotta commit.All right, let's do it.Jacques, get in there.Yeah.Wriggle in.I kind of want to see this.Do you feel safe?Comfy?Yeah, it's actuallypretty comfy.You're trapping deadair as you speak.You're basically decreasingthe amount of dead air--or increasing theamount of dead air?It was a little bit unclear,but it was super cooland we learned a lot.Bye, Jacques.Bye, guys.We're going to talkabout fire and I'mgoing to show you how tomake an efficient fire.Jeff reminds me of my dad.He's kind of nononsense, which is great.Where do you start?A tree.Small and dry.Tinder is small.What?Tinder.Oh.Like a Millennial.Tinder?Tinder, like the dating app?He probably shouldbe on the show.We'd survive that way.That will not go.I need a little room.Fitz, back up.Back up.Back up.Are you trying to get burned?

I'm just warming it up.Oh my God, there'ssmoke coming out.Now I'm going tocrank on this sucker.OK.Let me know if youneed some backup.Whoa!Fire in the hole.Have you got the tinder there?Oh my God.That's magical.Thank you for showingus. that was really cool.Oh, it was my pleasure.[MUSIC PLAYING]Look at the bird.Oh.Hi.This is Banshee, theperegrine Falcon.And you're at New Hampshireschool of falconry.I need to see yourhand size because Iwant to fit you with gloves.I have had birds my whole life.I've raised pigeonsand magpies and I'vehad a rainbow lorikeet.How many birds do you have here?We have 11.So I'm not afraid ofbirds, but I'm alsovery aware of their strength.Because even acockatoo in Australiacan take your finger off.We're going to hold a hawk.I hear that they canrip your face off,so that's pretty chill.

You were askingabout my pockets.[YELLING]I'm sorry.Wait, is that a chicken?Jesus.Ahh!If I know Nancy, I know shewas going for the shock factorwhen she first did the quail.She pulled it out,ripped its head off.She just ripped ahead off a bird.That's next level badass.She just pulled abird out of her pocketand then ripped it's head off.That was pretty dope.OK, so we're goingto fly on fly fast.[MUSIC PLAYING]Oh, wow.Here he comes right between you.Definitely one of the coolestthings that ever happened.I felt very presidentialwhen Scoot flew onto my gloveand ate that chicken head.Scooter kind of likereminded me of a dog.He was off the wire andhe kept flying back,that says something.[MUSIC PLAYING]Hi.Hey, guys.How's it going?Hi, I'm Kathryn.I'm Dave.Bye.Love it.Bye.Bye.Au revoir.Farewell, land lovers.They think they're the harborqueen, don't they, Dave?

Yeah.They are at the moment.They're pushing me allover the place here.No, it's just--We're the queen.OK, we got it.I want to make some waves.Now what do we do with these?No!Star board on the right.We learned how to do this.So what happens is thelobsters and the crabs,they smell the bait, sothey come to find it.So they walk up here, theyfall through that hoop.They get in that compartmentand they're just stuck.They can't find their way out.Do they don't not have eyes?They have eyes, they're just--Like, hey, lobster,are you blind?Do they not have--Can they not see?Will we catch a lobster today?Oh.Oh, look at it go.They're pretty mellow.Oh my God, how precious.I think my poodleswill love him.

What do we name him?Hey guys, we caught a lobster.What?Lands on the back,it's a keeper.Let's give it alittle lobster hug.It'll grab on a little bit.Oh, he's grabbing on.It adds a littlebit of pressure,but it won't hurt you.I touched her andshe held my hand.And I just knew.You know?Oh no, I can nevereat one again.Look, he's holding my hand.I will hold you in my belly.I love lobster.I love lobster rolls.I love lobster bisque.I love raw lobster.Hi, baby Geraldine.I'm going to eat her later.Give it back.I couldn't help how Ifelt. By the end of it,she had held onto myhands for like 15 minutes.And I just looked intoher little black eyeballs.It was energy coming out.No.Dave's getting a bit nervous.He wants his lobster back.It's just kind ofcute, you know.It's so helpless.We're setting it free.We're setting it free.Don't lie to me.Are we really?

Yes.Yes, no.Cut the bands off.Cut the bands off.Whoa, that's my dinner.No, it's not.Get out of here.You're not allowedto set him free.I slipped him $40 topay for the lobsterthat Natasha wanted to keep.Make sure you hold that claw.My fingers.I'm scared of my child.I will break my finger.I'm scared of my child.OK, here we go.[CHEERING]Goodbye.I mean, it was looking good.I was kind of hungry, honestly.They want to freeGeraldine and I justhave to embraceit and accept it.I'm not crying, you're crying.Get out of my face.[HORN HONKING]OK.We're here.What is this?What is this?It says the Desert of Maine.Wait.Is this real?Is this a real orman made desert?

Ha ha, cool.[MUSIC PLAYING]Wow.Whoa.What is this?Why would this be deserty?Glaciers?I'm just laughing thatwe're doing this herebecause it looks exactly likethe abandoned part of New Ham.Should we rip these off?What does it say?So these are actuallytops of trees.They're buried by the sand.Why they continue togrow is a mystery.How about that?What?These are the trees that arecovered by 20 feet of sand.And they're not baby trees,they're, like, buried trees.Yeah, I know Australiahas spiders and snakesbut a bear will kill you.For real.Where did the sand come from?Does it say that?Glacier silt.What does that mean?What's a glacier silt?The leftovers ofmelted glaciers.Oh my God, so smooth.Right.This is how itfeels on the show.This is just episode 11.Yeah, it's episode11, back to basics.All right, let's light him up.This is going to take awhile.Where's Jeff when you need him?[CHEERING][MUSIC PLAYING]See you, Netflix.

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