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The flight ep45 take business class | Vietnam airlines A320 family the middle of the night


Let me ask one thing. Do other airlines also put their headphones into a plastic bag?It's not true at all, need to see what airlines.Yes, need to see airlines.My dear, where are you right now?Now I'm located in China Airlines' lounge.This is my my first time come into China Airlines' lounge.Because today we are boarding to Vietnam Airlines.Can you let me make some advertisement first?Make a advertisement to my Instagram.Don't forget to follow me, over here.No! Because of this airport lounge I had filmed before,so I will put the video's link up there.He wouldn't remember to add the video link,he wouldn't add it, he will forget this.We used the most cheapest price....NTD 11,000 ,to buy a round-trip Business Class ticket between Taipei and Hanoi.Yes, and it has one of the flight is boarding with A350.Later we will board on A350 to Hanoi.No, we will be flying to Ho Chi Minh City first.Yes, later we will fly to Ho Chi Minh City.I don't know what he will do without me.And then we will fly from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi.The price is only NTD 11,000 !You can try to experience Business Class just with NTD 11,000.

And it also including airport lounge.Right.You can eat and drink something here.Our flight is 10:00 p.m. , we will arrive there about 1:00 in the morning.So we have to wait there several hours....and board on 7:00 a.m. flight to.....Hanoi.So we will sleep in the airport for one night.Therefore, today we will let you to take a look what's inside the business class of an A321 aircraft.Let's go.Let's go.Vietnam Airlines' lounge in Taiwan is operated by China Airlines.The airport workers is also China Airlines'.So the overall service you think is it good?Good.Very nice.Yoyo, do you ever come in the airport during midnight?Yes.Really?Yes.Then, you think....It's the time in Thailand's.......Malaysia's airport.What's your gate today?

A1.A1.The distance to gate A1 is very far.Now we had arrived at gate A6.Gate A1,Flight VN 573.Take-off at 10:10 p.m. , to Ho Chi Minh City.[What she's doing?]This is a little pig.Today's Vietnam Airlines...but the fact is the view had blocked by two glass windows.I'm really dislike this design of having two windows.And....because of now it's night time, so nothing can see outside.My dear,Hmm?do you know what's the national flower of Vietnam?Lotus. (first word in Chinese)[The national flower is Lotus! (second word in Chinese) ]Lotus?!"Lotus, when did you bloom?""When did you bloom if not January?"[Already said it doesn't same with Lotus (first word in Chinese).]Then, I ask you, what's the colour of Vietnam Airlines?

Vietnam Airlines' colour is cyan.It like this.Wow, you had done your homework!Because it's colour is my favorite colour, so I remember it better.I feel the most special thing of Vietnam Airlines is it's colour.Thank you.This time is how many times you had boarded Business class?My second time.What did you boarded the first time?The first time is I boarded Thai Airways, it's because....the price of economy class is same as business class's.So at that time I boarded business class.This time the price is also very cheap.This time the price is also cheap,so we chose business class.But when your children came into here, they told me....there's no In-flight TV here!

Our children don't believe....there's no TV in here!No TV!!Why there's no TV in Business class?!I told them it's really don't have TV here.But they told me to find out where's the TV several times.Let everyone to take a look my....seat that's a bit broken.One moment please, need to wait for me.It doesn't have reached "broken" stage!It cannot close.It cannot close!?It's open by manual! (x2)The table is inside here.Yes.It like this...Yes.and then, like this.What do you feel it's design?This design is still fine.It can move to the front,and also can change to half-way.So that you can place your drinks here.But as your husband said before, when you are eating your meal....It's not comfortable if you want to "pee".

Right.Especially we had drunk a lot of beers, so it's not comfortable if we wanted to "pee".It's seat control is change by pressing.Wait a minute. (x2)No, this seat is not control by pressing the buttons.By pressing.If it's not by pressing, then how to control the seat?This type of seat is same as in the bus.You have to pull the handle strongly, and you push the seat to the back strongly.[Very blurred.]So to control the legs part also like this? I think it's not.You trust me, it's true!I mean the legs part.Because it has spring inside. (x2)It's only same as in the public bus! Didn't you boarded Kuo-Kuang Transportation?No.There's 4 buttons here.They control different things.It works! (x3)It works.Isn't it got the feeling of spring?No response.Yes.Right!Is mine have error?!This is not called errors, you have to pull it in the right way.And you have to push the seat strongly.Your double chin are coming out.Now I had pushed it strongly.You had exerted strongly.Yes.It has?!This one don't have response, why is it like this?I'm going to cramp.I liked it's interior colour.It's dark green colour.

This colour is good.And this colour also suitable to used in the house,because after a long time the colour will be unchanged.Right.This aircraft may be have some histories. Because latest A320s...is newer than this one.And this aircraft...Vietnam Airlines don't have A320 !!!They only have A321-200 aircrafts!!OK (x4), A321. I tell you, this headphones....Let's spell one time with me,A-3-2-1.Ok.Let's spell one time.A-3-2-1.3-2-1, I think it's ok.And then, you can see it's headphone's outlet....let's introduce your headphone's outlet.Two holes here.Ok, thank you.Got hot towels given.But it's hot towels may be different.How? Eh! It has nice fragrant smell.No.Eh, do your towel also same with mine's?It's same.My towel only feels hot at outside,but it's cold inside.No.You feel my towel first.You are so unfortunate!It's hot.It's hot.But why mine's is hot outside and colder inside.Congratulations! You had won a prize.So you get another one.Let me feel this.Mine's hot.It's true! Your whole towel is hot!I tell you, the flight attendant must be ....cold outside and hotter inside to me.

Are you talked oppositely?No, I don't. Her feeling must be colder outside but hotter inside.She may be feels that I'm very handsome.[Full creativity.]He think too much.This blanket was given by the attendant just now,she must think that I'm going to sleep.Then?So she gave me a blanket that is placed inside a plastic bag.I want to use it later.This blanket's colour....what this colour called?This colour is more suitable to middle-aged women.Right.It looks like a scalf's colour.Do I need to try for everyone.Ok, let's try it.This colour...It's nice when put on your neck.The middle-aged women are felt....Thank you.One hole and three holes here.Let's introduce your meal.This is salad.This one didn't seasoned,because it put the dressing beside this salad.Thousand Island's dressing.In this salad, there's black beans,this looks like mangoes,small cucumber,tomato,and red carrots.Eh, this one is the....[Caramel Mixed Nuts Tart.]I thought it might be small one, mini-sized.It looks delicious.Very large.Butter.Do you want some bread?No.No. Ok, Thank you.And this one is....[Appetizer.]

This part is duck.And this is tomato,purple lettuce,and this one looks like a type of liver.Something like Foie gras.Ok, now I'm opening the cutleries.It used...a thing like placed on the Aladdin's spirit lamp.There's it's logo here!Do you see that?This cover has it's logo.Cutleries.Got a toothpick,and these are big spoon and small spoon.Two forks and knife.And these cutleries all had their logo.These cutleries are very cold.Also this (logo) at here.She said the bread is very delicious.It's very stiff, the size looks like this.This taste I can accept.Because the smoked taste is not strong.Children's appetizer also same with us.It's this smoked meat and....Foie gras.Just now she had asked if we want to....replace with noodles for our children.Because the attendant saw they don't eat the appetizer.Yes.Finally, she gave the plate to me.I have two same appetizers.I'm very full. Just now when I'm in the lounge my stomach had already full.I ordered "seafood".But at the time it came,I felt....I don't know what I'm going to say.

The rice is....Monascus purpureus rice.And this seafood also different to what I thought.Because I felt it's a bit like braised rice.I mean it's like seafood-braised rice.....that's added with Corn starch powder.Seriously this meal was not so beautiful.Here are scallop and prawn.It feels like seafood-braised rice.It tasted sweet.And because of it's combined with some corns,so it will have a sweet taste.Let everyone to take a look of it's rice.It's rice is fried rice with egg.But the rice is red in colour.It's like this, Monascus purpureus, do you see that?Can it be seen clearly like this?I thought the rice will be long, but it's not!The rice is also delicious.It's meal's characteristic is...it looked not good,but it's delicious when you eat it.I ordered beef udon.I felt this beef udon is delicious.I don't decieve you. The prawn tasted crisp.Is it crisp?The prawn tasted crisp.Let me try it.It's very crisp. I stole it before to try.It's prawn was really delicious!Isn't it?

It....But it's fish was not good.And the prawn and squid are delicious.As a result, how many marks can you give to Vietnam Airlines' meals?72 marks.72.Yes.Why can't 74 marks?I cannot give them 75 marks.It doesn't have something bad.But it also good.I think it's ok.Am I beautiful on this angle?Because there's only one light above me.I tell you how do you get beautiful.Is it like this?Yes! About that.When you lied down,the angle is bigger.Yes, actually the angle is a bit steeper.It's about 370 degree.It don't have 370 degree!This angle has about 370 degree.[Talked something disorderly.]It's irresponsible! It don't have 370 degree.Really. (x2)It had written down here.Based on my estimation,It has 135 degree.You talked something randomly again.I tell you how do I estimate it, ok.How do you estimate?Is it 90 degrees like this? A right angle.Yes.Ok,if added another half of 90 degrees, is it 90 degrees + 45 degrees?[Daddy's Mathematics lesson.]is it 90 degrees + 45 degrees?and isn't the result is 135 degrees?But it don't have until 45 degrees.

Yes, it has.So isn't it 135 degrees?Yes.So my estimation has scientific evidence.If lying down like this, the angle is 135 degrees.Do you understand?Understand? (x2)[Nonsense!]Bye-bye.Thank you.This is my first time come to Ho Chi Minh City's (Saigon) airport.This airport has a lot of airplanes.Currently,I saw many of the airplanes don't have air bridges.They are parked on the bay without air bridges.This kid just woke up.How is your meal, and do you slept enough, Yoyo?Is your beef udon delicious?I don't have had eaten it.Now we are tired. What's the time now?Now the local time is 2:30 a.m. , right?Yes, now the time is 2:42 a.m.So the time in Taiwan is 3:42 a.m.We arrived here at 1:00 a.m. local time,and the time we made our visa had used 2 hours.Because of making this visa need some cost,and it's only a bit cheaper if you come here to make your visa,so I highly recommend everyone make your visa in Taiwan will be better.Right.No need to make visa here, just like us.We are because...We are because our time is not so enough,so we can only make our visa ourselves.So if you want to come to Vietnam, it's better let travel agencies to make your visa.Ok, today's video has ended.If you liked our video,don't forget to subscribe, share and like our video!We will upload a new video on every Monday to Friday.Bye-bye.

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