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3 Minute Makeup Challenge l Hel


Opps~~Only one minute left. Why is thishappening..Hello, I am Catie.I am not going to share any beauty product today.It's going to be a makeup challenge .I am kinda lazy these days.Maybe my schedule was too full while back.So I wanna rest.And the videos I am going post in period, probably one or two weekswill be more cozy.And will be less informational.Probably some shopping haulor trying out new product. Or combination of single type products.Those video will be relatively less than others. Because this type of informative videotakes me really long time.If I do this frequently, I think my brain cell will die a lot. LOL.That's why I will need some time to relax. But I am going to do a funny challenge in today's video.In my list of pending challenge.

The first one I want to go with 3 Minute makeupchallenge. So, Let's do this now. Since 3 minute makeup challenge finishs so fast. I can't share with you guys what I am using during process. So I am going introduce all of them before the challenge. You need to be really quick for 3 minute challenge. The fastest way to do foundation will be use the cushion. I am still going to use cushion today. this one is from Estee Lauder And I pick 2 different color, one is darker and the other one is lighter. This one is 2C0, this one 1W2.this one (2C0) is lighter, this one (1W2) is darker. That will make a natural contouring. So these 2 Estee Lauder cushions can do both foundation and contour. For Eyebrow, I picked my recent favourite Maybelline Fashion brow. I like to use a eye primer. So, I am going to use it whatever. For faster purpose, I will use paint pot from MAC. It helps brighten your eyelid skin. And it is a little bit shimmer which prevent the eye shadow being pile upand also brighten the skin.

So it's so convenient. The color of eyeshadow I will use the 5 colors eye shadow palette from ARITAUM. This is how it looks like. It is the safest color, neutral tone Eyelinerthe brand is Bbia, Black. Lipstick part, I will use this matte finish lip gloss from CLIO. Single colour blush from The Face shop,I love this one recently. The color is natural, and is smooth and easy to blend.So I love it. And...this is the basic make up. foundation, eye brow, eye shadow, blush, lipstick, this 5 parts must be finish within 3 minute. If not, I fail.If I finish before the time limiti will do the highlighter with any time leftI would like to try this from Urban Decay. I actually never use on my face. Therefore, I want to try it on. And if there is more time, I will do some shadowing on my nose.I will use the NYX single eye shadow as my contour powder. As you can see, except the foundationI use more powder type of poductbe cause it's fast. Like the blush, you just do like this. If it's a liquid product, you will have to blend like this. Same as the cream highlighter. For powder, you can just blend it really fast. All other are the same reason. Powder product is easier to blend. And if there more time, I will use a setting spray. Ok...Let me calm down first/And let's do this/I will use the phone timer. I already set the time.3 minutes.

I will put it here. But i found out you guys can not see that. whatever, you guys will know the timer is working. And it will be ringing when time is up.Ok, here we go.gofirst, foundation Estee Lauder cushion the lighter one I hope I can finish it within 30 sec. Then the darker oneas the countour. That makes you look natural contouring. Not the heavy one. You face look more outstanding. I think I did not do it well on my under eye area. Oh, I used one minute already...Next, Eyebrow Ok, done. Eye shadow Ah, ....only one minute left. Eyeshadow I think I use the wrong color eyeshadow lipstick Oh, I just spit.BlushEyeliner3 minutes is so short. Hightlighter OH,,OH,,~~~~Set my make upAH..3 minutes is much more less than you think. So short. Oh, OK.I think my look is not bad. I can hang out like this. Just a little messy with my eye makeup/Look at this. I just draw the bottom part. And I did not cover it yet. It is so messy. Ok, this one either. OK. the powder did not cover it yet/Fine. I think it is still ok. Opps, I have lipstick on my tooth. Lipstick is fine. Liquid lipstick can do it really quick. You just put a little on your lips and blend it.It is actually good, the blush look nice. You guys can see how the blush looks like. And the highlighter .This is so shining. OK, en~ I think it is successful. I did all the parts. And I can go outside with this look. Alright. 3 minutes makeup challenge is a success .Come comment below if you want to see other challenge. I will give a shot if I am also interesting about it. And the cloth I wear today is so cute! so cute!!I brought this one last year when I went to Universal Studio in USA. This is Bubba Gump. If you watch Forrest Gump, you'll know what this is. It is super cute and I love that movie. Ok~ I hope today's video can make you guys feel fun. I don't know. But I hope so. See you guys next time. I think I have a nice makeup, actually. ust a little adjustment, I can hang out ..yes~~

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