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Young entrepreneurs success story, V


It was a really difficult time when I left my jobI was worried how to manage my expenses and I was not ready to join another job I thought why not go for a business but I had nothing to investand was totally blank of what to do then suddenly my old house gave me a great idea young entrepreneurs are ruling the world today and why can't Imy old house was located at a small town area near to America so I can easily establish it as a perfect guest house for toursI ran to speak with my father what's the condition of our old house I asked it's a complete furnished one you know but no one to take care of it I think I should sell it offwhat do you say 

My father replied I have a great idea we can start a good business we would just take some days to clean our house and give it the look of a furnished guest house I will deal with clients and we can even arrange foodfrom a nearby eatery if they want the facility my father was very much excited hearing this concept and he too agreed to start the business with me it was an inspiration for meI felt confident knowing my father would always be there with good suggestions we started preparing a plan how to renovate the house and even he consulted with an interior designerwho incorporated a nice look for our house I posted advertisements on quicker oh well x other classified sites and even developed a small website with good pictures and detailsI myself was a good writer and posted some nice content that even help me to carry out a better CEO 

I got my friend who agreed to do the s see O with a minimal chargehe studied the competitor sites and prepared a cycle with three options what are the main things that are portant to reach the target audiencedistribute data effectively to get instant results three maximizing the duration value of the contents across various channelsapart from this I gave priority to mobile asio as users today prefer to get everything inside that palm size of iceit helped a lot to get good deals and I realized the true importance of digital marketing I didn't even miss out the pay per click option and I was able to get more domestic clients earning huge profits that gave me the self motivation to go aheadgradually I was on the way to becoming a young entrepreneur and it was a good feeling I can't even express it in mere words today I handle more than five guest houseswith transport and restaurant facilities presently my father is not with me but his support in the beginning was a great thing I miss even todayI organized corporate tours today dealing with international clients and this is a great achievement in my whole life

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