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Wireless data from each bulb | harald haas


Do you know that we have one point four million cellular radio masks deployed worldwideand these are base stations and we also have more than five millions of these devices here these are cellular mobile phonesand with these mobile phones which transmit more than six hundred terabytes of data every month the sixth with fourteen zeroes a large numberand why does convocations has become a utility like electricity and water the use of every day you sit in awe everyday life in our private livesyou know business life and we even have to be asked sometimes very kindly to switch off the mobile phone at events like this for good reasons it is this important that why I decidedlook into the issues that this technology has because it's so fundamental to our lives and one of the issue is capacity but the way we transmit via the status using electromagnetic waves in particular radio wavesand radio waves are limited they are scarcely expensive and we only have a certain range of it it is this limitation ahthat doesn't cope with the demand of wireless data transmission the amount number of bytes and data which on from it every month and we are simply running out of spectrum it's another problemthat is efficiency these one point four million cellular radio masks or base stations consume a lot of energy and mind you most of the energy is not used to transmitradio waves it is used to cool the base stations and the efficiency of such a base station is 

Only at about five percent and that creates a big problemthen there's another issue that you all aware of you have to switch off your mobile phones during flights in hospitals are security issuesand security is another issue these radio waves penetrate through walls they can be intercepted and somebody can make use of your network if he has bad intentionsso these are the main four issues but on the other hand we have fourteen billions of these light bulbs lightin light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum so let's look at this in the context of the entire electromagnetic spectrum where we have de moraes you don't want to get close to gamma rays simply dangerousx-rays useful when you go to hospitals then they ultraviolet light it's good for nice Santa but otherwise the interest for human body infrareddue to eye safety regulations can be only used with low powers and then we have to radio waves the issues have just mentioned in the middle there we have the visible light spectrum it's lightin light has been around for many millions of years and infact it has created us had castrated life has created all its stuff of life so it's inherently safeto youth wouldn't be great to use that for a while as communications not only that I compared Italia spectrum 

I compared the radio wavesspectrum the size of it with the size of the visible light spectrum and guess what we have ten thousand times more of that spectrum is there fast to usefor not only that we have this huge amount of spectrum let's compare that with the number of trust mentioned we are one point four million expensively deployed inefficient radio seller base stationsand multiply that by ten thousand then you end up at fourteen billion and fourteen billion the number of light bulbs installed already so we have the infrastructure there looked look at the ceiling you see all these light bulbs go to the main floor you see this light bulbscan we use them for communications and yes what do we need to do and that's one thing we need to do is we have to replace the inefficient incandescent light bulbsfluorescent lights why these new technology of led light paths ladies a semiconductor is an electronic device in has a very very nice and cuteproperty intensity can be modulated at very high speeds and it can be switched off at very high speeds and this is a fundamentalbasic property that we exploited with our technology so let's show how we do that let's go to the closest neighbor to the visible light spectrum goto remote controlsyou all know the remote controls 

Have an infrared led easily switch on the lead and with its office which it often creates a simple low speed data stream in ten thousand bits per second twenty thousand bits per second not usable for youtube videowhat we have done is we have a develop a technology with which we can physical replace the remote control light bulb we transmit without technology not only a single data streamwe transmit thousands of data streams in parallel and even higher speeds and the technology we have developed it's called O f d ma spatial modulation these are the only technical terms are not going into details but this is how we enabled lights off the transmitted datayou move say your kid is nice slight created in ten minutes but not only that what do you've done is we have alsodeveloped a demonstrator and I'm showing for the first time in public this visible light demonstrator and what we have here no ordinary desk lampwe fitted in and a light bulb worth three us dollar putting our signal processing technology and then 

What we have here is a little holeand the light goes through the hole this receiver the receiver will convert these little subtle changes in the amplitude that we create there into an electrical signaland the signal is then converted back to a highspeed data stream in the future we hope that we can integrate this little hole in two these smart phonesand not only integrate a photo detector here but maybe use the camera inside so what happens when Iswitch on that like as you would expect is a light a desk lamp put your book beneath and can could readilluminating the space but at the same time you see this video coming up here and this video high definition video that is transmitted through a light beamyour critical you say hahaha this is a smart academic doing a little bit of trick here but let me do thisonce again they don't believeit is this light that transmits this high definition video to speed street and if you look at the light it isilluminating as you would expect you don't notice with your human eyes you don't notice the subtle changes in the amplitude that we impressed on its lightbulb it's serving the purpose of illuminationat the same time we are able to transmit the state you see even light from the ceiling comes down here to the receiver 

It can ignore that constant light because all the receivers interested in the subtle changesah you also have a critical question on and say ok I have to have to have to light on all the timeto have this broken enter the answer is yes but but you condemned on the light to level the piece be off and you'll see label transmit datathat's possible so i've mentioned to you to four challenges capacity we have ten thousand times more spectrum ten thousand times more allergies installed already infrastructure thereyou would agree with me hopefully there's no issue of capacity anymore efficiency this is data through illumination an illumination deviceand if you do with the energy budget the data transmission comes for free highly energy efficient I don't mention the high energy efficiency of the led light bulbsif the whole world would deploy them you would save hundreds of power plants that's a site and then i've mentioned the availability you will agree with me that you have lights in a hospitalyou need to see what to do you have lights on an aircraft it's everywhere the day is light look around everywhere look at your smartphone it has a flashlightl d flashlight is a potential sources via data transmission and then 

If they security you would agree with me thatlight doesn't penetrate through walls so no one if I have a life here have secure data no one on the other side of this room through the world would be able to read that dataand they've only data where there is light so if I don't want that receiver to receive the data then what I could dofurniture they took off in the direction not there fact see where the data is going toso I'm for me the applications of it to me beyond imagination the momentwe have had a century of very nice smart application developers and you only have to notice where we have light there is potential way to transmit databut I can give you a few examples where you may see the impact already this is a remote operated vehicles beneath the oceansand they used light to illuminate the space on their and this life can be used to transmit violence data that these things communicated with each other intensely safe environments like this petrochemical plantyou can't use are f it might generate an Enos box 

But you can use light you see plenty of my girl in the hospital newmedical instrument and treats for traffic control cars have a lady based in headlights energy based that lights and costly communicate with each other and preventaccident anyway exchange information traffic lights can communicate to the car and so on then you have these millions of three clampsdeployed around the world and every street lamp could be free access point call it in fact life I like fidelity and then we have these aircraft cabinsthere are hundreds of lights in an aircraft cabin and I'm each of these lights could be the potential transmitter of finest data so you could enjoy your most favorite video on the local flight back homeonline life so that I think it's possible so I'm all of what you need to do is to fit a small microchip to every potential illumination deviceand this would then combine two basic functionality illumination and dial wireless data transmission and it's your sis that I would personally believecould solve the four essential problems that faces a similar communication these days and in the future you will not only have a million light bulbs you may havefourteen billion life flies deployed worldwide for cleaner greener and even a brighter future thank you

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