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Introduction - why we prison?

Introduction - why we prison?

Hi I'm Joshua I recently ran across a question that I thought had a pretty easy answer but the more I thought about it and the more I read and talked about itthe more I realized that the answer is actually enormously complex is the question why do we have prisons Ibad people do bad things and so they should be locked away for the sake of society or maybe for their own sake that sounds plausible but what if its not truewhat if locking 

People up does not make society safer what if it does not rehabilitate the criminal what if prison is really just a deeply racist system that hard everybody involvedmen women l g be t people people with mental illnesses what if these were concrete proven facts everybody knew why do we keep doing it okay maybe your not with me yet so let's back up for a secondwe put people in prison if they break the law and if you break the lawyer probably dangerous just society but crime is as old as humanity and the United States didn't use to lock up so many people besides there are dozens of victims crimes 

That can land you in jail for a very long period of timewell maybe we lock people up because we want to reform them but we put very little effort or money into actually trying to turn bad guys into good guys prisons struggle to maintain her have librariesprisoners find it difficult or impossible to get education such as a GED or even advanced degree plus when people get out of prison it can be very difficult or impossible to find a job or housingI can't be the answer if we don't really put people in prisons to punish them or to protect society or to even reform them why do we still have a presentI went to take a look at several issues about 

The prison system in the United States to see why it's broken in why no reforms can really fix it this is going to cover a range of topics that I'll add to a play list that you can view hereeach week add new topics to the play list but ultimately if you want to just skip straight to one topic you can check out the links here or in the description below if you're not that familiar with the problem of mass incarceration in the United States the vlog brothers made a really great video that I highly recommendgo ahead and check it out first and then come back here for more in depth discussion for now comment down below what questions do you have about the prison system

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