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Uob investment advisor tool (full version)


Are my investments keeping pace with the market can my portfolio withstand tough times getting answers to these questions was not easy until nowintroducing you obese portfolio advisory tools a brand new way to monitor manage and optimize your wealth portfolio design specially without wealth management clients in mindportfolio advisory tools is made up of three complementary tools portfolio tracker portfolio insights and portfolio explorer together they form a powerful combination that allows you to track the performance of your portfolioget insights into how it can be optimized to better manage risks and returns and explore in real time a broad range of products solutions to achieve the best portfolio for youas he worked towards your wealth goals want to be regularly kept in the know about the health of your investment portfolio portfolio tracker was created for this very reasonthis up to date report provides you with a comprehensive overview of your portfolio including the total value of the assets 

You hold and the overall returns achievedsee how your wealth holdings are diversified across product classes such as lawns shares and structured notes and across geographies you also have a view on how your portfolio is currently allocated between core and technical investments core investmentswhich tend to be less sensitive to market movements and he believed to steadily achieve your most important goals in life such as your retirement investments are designed to help you seize market opportunities pending video profile be shown what you optimal call in tactical allocation of your portfolio should bethis recommendation draws upon 

You'll bes proprietary risk first approach to wealth management which is all about helping you avoid taking on excessive risks in your wealth journeyhow then do you go about achieving your ideal portfolio portfolio insights a sophisticated recommendation and simulation reports with this our advisors can show you what changes are needed to be investments you holdas you adjust your current portfolio to the recommended one this will be accompanied by robust analysis that demonstrate how the risks and returns you face will change accordingly what's morefolio insights allows for both of your current and a recommended portfolios to be stress tested against significant market events such as the two thousand and eight global financial crisisscenario as defined by you see for yourself which of the two portfolios is better in bolts of stand up to tough times 

If you are a savvy investor however want to take a lot active hand in putting together your optimal portfolio folio explorer lets you do just that together with our advisors you can tap on this first of its kind interactive online platform choose from a range of more than one hundred funds and bonds Avila as he explores adding more changing investments cool scene in real time how this impacts the portfolio building across a range of performance and risk parameters pear and evaluates against your own portfolio to arrive at an informed investing decisions do you track your portfolio insights explorer extraordinary tools one common purpose and how are you

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