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Physical effects of anxiety | alexei \ 's mental H

Physical effects of anxiety | alexei \ 's mental H

So I'm making this video primarily to address the misconceptions surrounding panic attacks and anxiety disorders I should point out before I had my first anxiety attack you know I had some of these misconceptions myselfI should point out this started in my mid twenties complain up any point the white manifested for me primarily was panic attacks are usually eveningwhen I was trying to get some sleep so I get about ten minutes sleep and then boom be woken up by a racing heart and intention headache 

II should mention that my father passed away it was striker forty-five ah ah ah when I get pain in my head I think this is it I think so if we start with my first experience with my best friends took me to hospital too the doctors were convinced dogs having a heart attackand they gave me the drugs to treat me for a hot sec very sad see g s various tests on chest x-ray all my information was sent to especially thoughts between and obvious but one of my information came back clear that is on the doctor as you came in on a conversation with meand said you know my a fearful panicky person to which I have made my friend watch and laughing 

Because I'm sitting outside listen I don't standup comedy around London I'll go an acting background that does not describe me ahbut it don't to say anxiety and panic attacks are going to effect most people in their life I'm so very in degrees the way that I managed to manage my condition now ismedication and and why I look is essentially like an asthmatic they can't control when their body aha hasn't attacked you know that there are ways constrict and I need the medication to you to help them is the same for me personally with my mental health disordersseems that I can control and that's what medication helps me 

I'm kind of found this out the hard way because I am neglecting my medication for about two yearsmy love is born I will even make a decision about whatever things that I would say a very important is you have to notice the little changes and is very hard to notice that when you are in the moment becausenormal so arguably you want sometimes it has not quite a case so I think he is very important to find a bass line you know I should be aware of your baseline and have a close friend or relative or someone you know dressyou can just tell you when you're slightly off and then you can make adjustments so do we need to do to be aware of that 

Because as I say when your in the momentdon't feel like there's a problem that's when it can when it comes baro no should be a way that manifests in many different ways you not not two year period where I was neglecting my medicationI didn't have a single panic attack but I was very indecisive I wasn't balanced there was a number od would fear within me so it was affecting me ah another wayand I think that the lack of panic attacks was one of the key reasons that I thought I was actually fine when it wasn't but but I think knowledge is power and the more knowledge you havecondition be aware of and actually keep yourself nice imbalance so happy to talk to anyone I'll keep it on the commentsbut you get the guys so just stay positive and want the job

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