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Justin \ 's story of living renal transplantation | K

Justin \ 's story of living renal transplantation | K

Like many thirteen year old boys Justin loves to hang out with his friends and play hoops or play catch with his dad just a normal kid doing what kids do but normal for Justin that his familyas men surviving close to half of his life without kidneys at age two Justin was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease by age six his parents Shannon and gentold Justin had to have both kidneys removed to survive it was doing worse to his body keeping those damaged kidneys in his body so they decided to remove them 

And what would we initially were admitted to the hospital they gave him a hemo dialysis catheter and drained about twenty pounds of fluidhave a family typically your kid grows and you get bigger clothes size we went from a size six to a size for overnight so we kind of went backwards for the next six yearsJustin spend ten hours a day every day hooked up to a dialysis machine he would have to come in a couple hours before bedtime and get ready it kind of stuff 

Because I always had to go in while everybody else was still outside and then he was fucked up to the machine over night while he sleptand then we don't hook him on the morning I wake up and one morning like I was super dizzy and I fainted we kept him on dialysis as long as we did because we knew there was a chanceafter transplant we knew transplant wasn't a cure for his disease and we knew that at some point the disease would come back justin's parents knew their son would eventually need a transplant they found a donor ingestion aunt Kim and in June of two thousand and sixteenhe got a working kidney i've had a a bond between the two of us 

He has been my my body is since he is young he went when I we had no idea what a healthy kidney and his body would do for him because last time he had a healthy kidney he wassuper little I felt stronger and I felt like I had more than just bones and skin he's healthier he feels better he's much healthier you can see it he throws the ball harder and baseball he swings the bat better she is very energetic and very strong since his transplant especiallyJustin will eventually need another transplant but his family has confidence in the transplant team at American family children's hospital ready to back everybody up thereeverybody in children's hospital has done the best they can do for him that's not because it's a job it's not for mama it's for him the longer you stay there the more you noticeevery one of them cares about them when they see him on the streets they say hi to him it's not just a job it's what they do want to be a nurse whyso I can tell patients i've had worse I went through it all so I know how they feel for a little girl has been through so much he's so positive about everything I

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