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Douglas: collector 's love story

Douglas: collector  's love story

I am that good so I'm from Hong Kong I am the founder and director of a level fourteen museum and actually to photo spaceI grew up in happy valley and also I like heritage buildings ah it's just happens that back in two one two. 

I had the opportunityacquired this building and then I converted it into a eleven photographic museum. I am collected like our cameras and have been doing that for over twenty yearsI started collecting buying and three on ebay after using an m six that is the start of the journey and I'll never look backcollecting for me as much more than just buying. 

Because collecting means that you get to know what you are buying and then you also need to have a strategyas what you collect you can not collect everything for me a vintage camera as they all always offers and some timeand also give you a sense as to what this camera. 

How it interacts with history and also interact with photography or the former owner is very important that you get a good understanding through reading and then that will take you to the next step which is you will know how to appreciate what is infront of youfor example this one that I have in front of me it was a camera which was previously owned by the Magnum photographer. 

Ian Berry is anm3cameraI made almost the very very last year nineteen sixty seven and it's also one of the last ten black paintm3cameras ever producedthe lights for Java auction is i'd say the largest and most international camera shop in the world. 

You will be able to receive a catalog and in theirwith hundreds of items like a cameras and other brands as well as auction was organized by black a camera's actually gives a lot of credit ability and confidence to the middleI was very lucky to have acquired as a MP camera formerly owned by Magnum photographer Stuart Franklin that was the first MP cameradelivered to Seward about twenty years ago and there's also a bears marks of assured traveling very frequently and also going to a different possible world capturingvery important images I now use them m ten camera and also use some more new chrome if you look at you like I am camerasyou would appreciate that design their innovation in particular they are very very user friendly so why is you get into the system once you enjoy using the experienceam are you will get hooked very easily if I am only allowed to keep one it's likely going to be a black paint like a camera but I haven't decided which one

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