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How to choose a coffee machine brand, recommend the 7th power fancy coffee machine

How to choose a coffee machine brand, recommend the 7th power fancy coffee machine

I recommend this 7th power fancy coffee machine, no matter American, Italian or latte, etc., it can be easily done in 3 minutes, and it can also make milk foam at the same time, so that you can make a pure and fragrant latte coffee. It's easy to get. You don't need to go to the coffee shop or order takeaways, just cook and drink by yourself, and instantly recover to full blood state.

This coffee machine is composed of two parts. On the left is the milk froth machine that can make milk froth, and espresso machine brand on the right is the moka pot that can make various coffees. It can be started by one button, making coffee and frothing at the same time, which is super practical. The sunken heating plate design can also effectively avoid accidental touch and scald during use, making it safer and more secure to use. There are 2 heating bases, which are used to heat the coffee pot and the milk froth pot.

When brewing coffee, add an appropriate amount of hot water to the upper half of the coffee pot and the bottom kettle at the same time, and then flatten the powder trough and then screw these parts. The bottom heating of the coffee pot will make the water vapor generated after the water boils to form high pressure. The hot water extracts the coffee through the powder trough filter. When it is heated to a certain temperature, the coffee rushes up from the bottom. Combine milk froth and coffee to make a cup of aromatic coffee.

When styling is needed, the milk foam produced can easily make a cup of fancy latte coffee with super proven skills. Easily make 5 mainstream flavors, and easily choose to drink in turn without getting tired. It is also super convenient to clean after use. coffee machine brand It can be cleaned directly by flushing with water, and the groove design of the base can wind the power cord in, making it more convenient for storage.

It is worth mentioning that the design team invited professional baristas to adjust the extraction time, milk and coffee ratios thousands of times, which can perfectly restore the professional quality of the cafe.

With it, it is like owning a mobile cafe, whether it is an office or at home, it is convenient and practical without losing its value. It is easy to make a professional-grade coffee, and you can make a cup of coffee if you have guests at home. So beautiful.

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