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What kind of children's education we need?


The goal of education for children has long been to produce students who are well-rounded in moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic development. This is a good and comprehensive concept, but it relies mainly on the school system. The overall quality of children is enhanced by providing courses in language, mathematics, foreign languages, moral education, art, and physical education. Obviously, intellectual development is at the core of children's education at present, and it is also the main activity of students at school. It is also the main activity of students in school, because it is indispensable for the transmission of human civilization, and it is also indispensable for the provision of qualified workers for the future society. Moreover, the effect of intellectual development can be measured through examinations and various standardized scales, and it is easy to implement. Therefore, society as a whole attaches great importance to the development of intelligence.


Parents, in general, are also the most invested in intellectual development. We see a variety of tutoring classes, care classes, and enrichment classes in the society, and basically, there are many students. When parents choose these educational products, most of their thoughts are actually aimed at improving their children's academic performance, which is a rather utilitarian purpose.

What is more difficult to implement is moral education. Therefore, virtue is a very ambiguous thing, which is always associated with a certain stage of socio-economic development. Virtue can be understood as a generally accepted pattern of behavior in society. In recent years, we have observed that Chinese studies have started to become popular, but some of the moral aspects of Chinese studies are not suitable for today's society. On the other hand, there is also a strong promotion of core values, and these things are still difficult for children to understand. Therefore, it is also a big challenge to find moral education materials that are suitable for children's psychological development stage.


Finally, to the aesthetic education. When they have money and time, parents are happy to invest in their children's aesthetic education, such as learning to dance, sing, piano, paint, and so on. The promotional point of this type of education is usually to develop children's creativity and aesthetic skills. But people who create beauty still belong to a niche group, most people can have the ability to appreciate beauty is good. This is similar to physical education. Aesthetic education and sports can add some fun to our regular life, paint a layer of human glory to the machine civilization, so that we can engage in some elegant activities in our leisure time and avoid bad taste. This is the starting point that I think children's aesthetic education should have, i.e., to develop the ability to appreciate beauty, rather than to dive headlong into creating it at the beginning.