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Beauty shop staff to answer your question

Beauty shop staff to answer your question

- Hi, I'm Jazzmyne.- Hi, I'm Destiny.- And we used to work at beauty stores.What are we doing today?- We're answering your questions.- Oh, we're answering questions.(claps)(cheery music)- Okay.- I'm scared.- Oh.(laughs)Do you actually clean anyof the tester products?- The place where Iworked was very touristyand a lot of people were touching it.And if you, like, didn't clean them,it just also looked bad.You don't ever wantyour store to look bad.So yeah, yeah we did.- We clean it, the germs, wedon't want people to get pink-someone got pink-eye once.That can never happen againso we actually did cleanand, like, restock thetesting products often.- Yeah.What do customers complain about the most?There's so much!- So much.- 

There's so much.- They find things to complain about.- Yeah.So the store I worked at,we didn't have, like, sales.There would be like, a sale bin.So a lot of people would be like,"This isn't discounted."And I'm like, yeah.- A lot of people wouldcomplain about, like,not being able to cover certain things.To the point of, like,maybe you should see amedical professional.Like we would have peoplecome in with, like,super, like, dark circles.- Makeup is only just adding things;you can't like-- Like completely erase.Like we can make itlook better and lighterbut like if it's super puffy,the makeup's not gonna make it flat.- Mm-mm. Mm-mm.People are looking forlike these quick fixesthat they see onlineand it's not always like that.- 

What was your favoritepart about workingat a beauty store?And least favorite part?Everyone's beautiful but being ableto help them feel like their best.Especially for like weddingsand like special occasions,that was like always-I've had people like come to tearswith how happy they looked.Just showing them something new.- I feel like my favoritepart is the same.I really liked helpingpeople try new things.Because I wore some,like, crazy (beep) makeup.I still do.Trying, like, different lipsticksthat they never would have thought of.Or like a different eyeshadow or something.- Least favorite part is like,there's some really rude people.- Yes!- 

The worst thing is like when,someone will come in andlike, they'll be like,"I wanna try these things, canyou do my makeup real quick?"And then they're like,"Oh, I gotta go meet myfriend for drinks, peace out."Like I just spent an hour on your face.Like you're not gonna buy any product?Like I don't get a thank you?You're like "Peace out,I'm going to my date"?- Yeah, people arealways trying to finesse.Do you ever catch people stealing?Is it common?Yes, extremely common.The worst part at my store was just likehaving to watch if people were stealing.It's the worst.- Our main thieves, likewith the nicest stroller,the nicest Louboutinheels, and they would just-I watched one lady like-like stick it right in the stroller.I'm like...- That's why you have to watchto see if they even haveanything in those strollers.When you do confront somebody,you can't be like, "Open your bag!"Like you can't be rudebecause you're still speaking on behalfof the company you're working for.So then you have to be like,"Oh, would you like a basketfor that fragrance in your pocket?"(Destiny laughs)- 

Oh my god, there'slike a great eye shadowthat would go with thatlipstick in your hand.Like, come here. Let me show you.- Yeah.- Do they make you weara certain look to work?We were supposed to wear their makeup.- Oh.- Yeah.- My goal was to like,wear a couple statements.So I could say like,"This is from here, I'mwearing this stuff."Versus like, this is another brand.And I'm like, "Yeah, we sell it."- Say this brand was coming inand so all week we're gonna be wearing,like, the bold eye from this brand.But other than that, you just had to have,like, a full face on.- We would have crazy dayswhere we would be like,"We're promoting this new pink eyeshadow!"so we'd put it on.But most days it was,like, a very soft look.- I would always walk around with, like,eye liner on my eyebrowsand just like crazy looks.Or you could do like really natural.

clean beauty

You could do whatever you wanted.As long as it was like foundation,brows, blush, highlight.- Okay. I love that.- Yeah, like legit theater-ass makeup.(laughs)I loved it.- That's how you know someoneknows what they're doing.Like when I go to the makeup store,I'm like "That girl with the green lashes?"Come here. I need your help!"(laughs)- What was it likeworking at a beauty store?I thought it was fun.- Yeah! You get to playwith makeup all day.Like when the storewas quiet we would justdo each others makeup from scratch.That was, like, very fun.- I would always make little face charts.- The face charts! Yeah, those were fun!Where you get to, like, trynew colors, make a new face.- It was cool just, like,seeing people, like,try new things.It's like retail, right?But it's also being able tobe a little bit more creative,which is nice.- Yeah, that is nice!- Yeah.- 

Do the higher-pricedproducts work betterthan the average-priced products?- It is so...to each their own.Like there are some peoplethat swear by, like,the 50, 60, 70 dollar foundations.And there are some people that swear byfive dollar foundations.And it really doesn't matter.- It doesn't matter.- I would always go towardsthe little bit morebudget-y things personally.Just because, I don't know,I felt like they had morefun colors and stuff.And I was like- that'sthe stuff I was wearing.- Yeah. I feel like it doesn't matter.Like I've been on bothspectrums of wearingsuper expensive foundation,super cheap foundation.And, like, I loved theway I looked both ways.Like I'm like ooh, I love whatever.- Like just rock it! Make sureyou're rocking it. That's it.- It's the only requirement, yes.- Do you judge people who come inwith a bare face or poorly-done makeup?I ain't judging (beep).- I mean you notice it.- 

Yeah.- I mean, you observe. I'm observant.But I'm never like, "Look at her face!"Like 'cause that'sprobably my face last week.It makes sense to come into a makeup storewith no makeup on so like-- So you can try things!- Yeah, there's nothingto judge. You're smart.- Yeah.- There's been so many timesI'll go to a makeup storefull-faced and they'relike, "Let me take it off!".And then I'm like...- Now you're stuck with wondering.Whatever gets you to the endand however you gotta do it, do it.I would wear eyeshadow as lipstick.I would wear so many,like lipstick as eyeliner.As long as you just look good at the end,and you think you lookgood at the end, yeah.That's all that matters.- I agree.How is the return policy so great?Do you use the returns as samples?- It depends on what's done.What the product is andwhat is done to the product.Like fragrances and stuff...

Yes, we can't sell that butwe can use that as a test.But when it gets to be stuff I think,like, face stuff andyeah, anything else that'spretty much going on your face,I feel like you have to bewary of what's going on there.- Accepted basicallyanything back. 30 days.So we had women come in,foundation bottle dry as a boneand be like "I didn't like it."- Yeah.That happens all the time.- Lipstick gone. Bare. Dry. Empty.- Done.- "I hated this color."Did you though?- What's the benefits like?Do you get a lot of free stuff?We were just talking about this.- I had everything. I had it all.- I would go home with bagsof free stuff.- Yeah, some good free stuff.Cause they want you to try the new productbefore it goes to the public,so you're like, "ooh!"- Yeah.- Yeah, it's great.- It's nice to walk down memory lane.- It really is.- I feel like in retail spaces in general,you have to give people more credit.Like just, if you're going inas a customer, just be nice.- Be kind.Remember that's it'skind of nerve-wrackingto do makeup on a stranger.

And let us know what you want, also.- Communicate!- Communication is very keywhen you go into a makeup store.Be as detailed as possibleand just be patientif you say you want Brook Shields eyebrowsand we don't, we giveyou pencil thin eyebrows.We're working on it.- Yeah, yeah, yeah.(upbeat music plays)

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