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Don't know how to get insured? One can make you understand the whole point of knowledge.

Don't know how to get insured? One can make you understand the whole point of knowledge.

Today there are still many people who buy insurance, but, because there are so many insurance channels and a wide variety of products, people do not know how to choose? Know how to eat a big loss, buy insurance will be pitched!

Let you understand the whole insurance knowledge and get out of the misunderstanding of.

1. The essence of insurance The essence of insurance is to help each other, its role is to create blood; its meaning and value is mainly reflected in two aspects, one is the capital financing nature, the second is the 索償 market reciprocity; insurance in terms of attributes, both the unity of guarantee attributes and financial attributes, but also the unity of financial attributes and service attributes. The insurance industry is risk-sharing, transferring the potential risks of individuals to the entity company by paying certain fees.

2. Insurance and life! Poor people buy insurance, buy life-saving money; ordinary people buy insurance, life to buy the bottom line; middle-class people buy insurance, buy value-added; rich people buy insurance, buy wealth inheritance; therefore, we should learn: a rain with an umbrella; this is an arrangement called premeditation. You can attack when you enter. The plucky can guard is a state of life.

3. Buying insurance should be purchased from the top level. The first level of health (term + whole life critical illness insurance, etc.). Family protection (whole life insurance. Term life insurance. Term life insurance. Accident insurance, etc.). Medical (million medical. Minor hospitalization. Hospitalization benefits. Accidental medical. Care insurance, etc.) insurance; the second layer of children's education (annuity insurance. Incremental whole life insurance). Retirement insurance (annuity. If someone comes along and suggests financial insurance, you must be vigilant, especially if your health care is not perfect!

4. Insured couple, children, elderly, spouse in order. If the breadwinner of the family has a disease or accident risk, the children's premiums will become the family's debt. Only if the main source of income of the family establishes a sound insurance protection, the family can get a continuous and stable income, including premiums.

5. Social insurance + commercial insurance for a better life; Social insurance is a benefit provided by the state and is the basis for all health protection, but because of the limitations of the protection, commercial insurance is needed to supplement individual health and pension insurance. If you buy social insurance, there are some benefits to buy commercial insurance. Commercial insurance is subject to occupational or insured age, and health requirements, so be careful when taking out insurance.

6. combination insurance, more cost-effective, unless it is not a difference, or recommend a guaranteed combination of insured. For example, critical illness protection critical illness insurance, is a term + life critical illness insurance; personal safety. Recommended term life insurance + accident insurance; medical protection, recommended million medical + hospital medical insurance + care insurance; children's protection, recommended learning flat insurance + million medical insurance + term critical illness insurance; elderly protection, recommended accident insurance + annuity + care + million medical insurance (cancer insurance).

7. The ratio of insurance premium expenditure to salary income, it is recommended that the salary class do not spend more than 5%-10% of annual income; the middle class premium expenditure does not exceed 15%-20% of annual income; the high net worth people's premium expenditure does not exceed 20%-30% of annual income; children and the elderly premium expenditure, do not exceed 15-25% of the family budget. Buying insurance can transfer risks, reduce family burden and improve the happiness index of life, but once the pressure of charges arises, it will be more than worth the loss.

8. When buying critical illness insurance, you don't have to care about the number of critical illness coverage categories of the policy. The "New Rules for Critical Illness" formulated by the China Insurance Association and the China Medical Association stipulates the scope and claim conditions of 28 critical illnesses, which means that all critical illness insurance should include these 28 and account for more than 95% of the high morbidity rate, and only 5% of the rest is set by the insurance companies themselves.

9. Critical illness insurance is self-insured, while term life insurance and accident insurance are reserved for family insurance. If the breadwinner of a family suddenly leaves, the family's car loan, daily living expenses, children's education allowance, and the elderly's depilated money are definitely "stressful" for the living, while the insurance coverage is "stressful".

10. Be prepared for long-term investment. If you are a person who is not good at managing money, you can buy annuity insurance and add whole life insurance. This can provide you with a long-term stable income. Let the value of your assets increase. It can be used for education, depilated money, etc., but remember to use idle money, no need to rush money, let alone borrow money to buy insurance! And the investment cycle of at least 15 years, if you want to spend money in the middle, it is recommended to use the policy loan, such as depilatory insurance will cause financial losses, must be prepared!

11. Insurance sales channels are expanding, buy insurance must be guarded, such as someone to sell you insurance, must be careful. Be careful. After all, it is about money, and it is important to say it three times. When an insurance company comes to you, do not know your protection needs, then it is best not to go to him, because he is not professional.

12. When taking out insurance, you must pay attention to the following matters to avoid invalid contracts or claims disputes: not truthfully informed of their health status; non-insured. I personally signed (the insured person under 18 years of age, signed by his guardian), in addition to social security card must not be lent to others, so as not to affect the insurance policy coverage and claims, in the era of big data, do not get lucky.

Life is fair, wealth may have been predetermined long ago, how to arrange? You have to look at the decision today, first sweet or first sweet! The insurance industry can not change life, while insurance does not change life.

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