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Is it important for students to have good grades?


The important thing is

The knowledge of elementary education is very simple, so you should pay attention to cultivating good study habits in elementary school, which can be reflected in your academic performance. Therefore, elementary education is not just a score, but a study habit. Knowledge is more basic. No matter what you do, it is important to lay a good foundation. But poor performance in elementary school can be counterattack? Maybe!

But a lot of money must be spent to make up for those missing foundations. Develop children's interest in learning. Hobby is the best teacher. If you can do one thing well, you will naturally have a sense of accomplishment and gradually become interested.

Some students do not perform well and cannot understand in class. They listen to the class like listening to the heavenly scriptures. They have no interest in this. After all, they don’t understand and the grades are not good. They will feel frustrated and affect the mood of learning. . But when it comes to elementary school, the knowledge is relatively simple (it is naturally better to cultivate interest in learning before elementary school, but it is not too late in elementary school) The educational resources of key junior high schools are definitely better than ordinary junior high schools. When you have good grades, you will be better than junior high school.

The unimportant thing is

The knowledge of elementary education is less, and if you study diligently in the future, you can make up for it, so the trough at this time cannot determine the future. You must know that elementary school is a learning habit more important than academic performance. Therefore, do not always stare at the ups and downs of grades, but to help children find the right learning methods that suit them, and cultivate good learning habits. The style of study is important, but your own consciousness and abilities are more important. Some children are suitable for chicken heads, and some children are suitable for phoenix tails. The key junior high school is only a transitional stage, and ordinary junior high schools are the key high schools. Therefore, there are ordinary junior high school children. Admitted to key high schools ive civil engineering.

Or is it a question of interest, whether it has a great impact on grades. Therefore, it is not good to lose too much because of small mistakes, and to put too much emphasis on grades and obliterate children's interest in learning. Too much attention to grades has a bad influence on children's mentality. Instill in him the idea that the process of learning is more important than the result of learning. Because too many children are anxious due to unsatisfactory grades, they feel stressed. Sometimes I think of it, parents are also for the future of their children, hoping to live well in the future. However, on the other hand, the child is driven mad, the pressure is so great that he has a mental illness, or he would rather live in a plain and healthy life, right?

I have a good grades in elementary school, but dropped out of high school or even junior high school, and some classmates have counterattacked after poor performance in elementary school. Therefore, the student's academic performance is both important and unimportant, depending on the angle of your focus.