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The most common types of earphones on the market are the most complete collections

wireless noise cancelling earbuds

As technology continues to change and advance, the evolution wireless noise cancelling earbuds of headphones from wired to wireless connectivity has gradually improved to meet the needs of The Times. From the development of wired earphones to the present, it is suitable for different occasions and personalization. Its function is also a breakthrough, but many earphones despise still like to use true wireless bluetooth earphones. To be honest, it is not true. It is really super convenient to use. Use your own appreciation some as representatives.

TWS bluetooth headset

As a mainstream headset type, the market competition of TWS can be said to be fierce. Among many brands and models, I personally feel that this model of T-Mac W5 true wireless Bluetooth headset is extremely unselected. Let me briefly introduce it. As a new brand, Tangmai has been in the audio market for 7 years. With the rapid development of the Bluetooth headset market in the past two years, I also made an analysis. The reason why this brand can stand out is mainly because of two points: one is the quality of the headset, and the other is the high cost performance.

Tang Mai W5 wireless Bluetooth headset, mainly for business appearance, the relatively novel design is that the headset can be adjusted to improve the stability of the headset. This can make up for the problem that bluetooth headphones always fall in love, and the details are quite sweet. Best of all, the earphones are excellent for sound quality, range, noise cancellation, clear sound, and long range, lasting up to 48 hours on a single charge, making this Don McGrady's earphones great value for money by comparison.

wired headset

Edifier GM180

Edifier Company, as an old-fashioned manufacturer of electronic technology products in China, the development quality of their earphones is still very good. This wired earphone can be used in a semi-in-ear style, and the stability research when wearing it is still a good one. The main product is gaming headphones, so its sound quality design is also very good, the sound is clear and smooth, and the delay time of wired headphones is also very low, there is no doubt in this society. The microphone worn on the headset also has the performance of anti-wind noise, and it is more clear to use it to form a team to speak in the dark, and it will not lead to the situation of spraying wheat.


Razer Kraken

As an e-sports-focused headset brand, Razer mainly targets users who like e-sports games. Razer's headset is also a staple esports headset, weighing in at just 230 grams, so you don't feel pressure to wear it. It is compatible with all kinds of electronic products, except computers, such as tablets, mobile phones, ps4, etc. The 7.1 virtual surround sound makes gaming feel so immersive that many pro gamers opt for a headset.

Bone conduction sports headphones

Mercedes B86

Bone conduction earphones are a type of earphones that have emerged in recent years. They transmit the sound from the ear bones through high-frequency vibration, and have the advantage of not squeezing the ear canal. The comfort of wearing is still high; secondly, because the ears will not be blocked, you can always hear the sound of the outside world and avoid accidents. The main waterproof function of Mercedes-Benz, you can wear headphones when swimming, and can also be used underwater.

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