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Viewpoints, characteristics, status quo and development trend of Internet access

global payment gateways

1. The concept of Internet payment

The Internet payment method is therefore based global payment gateways on the computer network, which will carry electronic data loaded with specific information to replace the traditional payment method to carry out the flow of funds. And this method of receiving is time-sensitive. This is a set of incomplete network business planning and management information system. The incubators of the electronic payment market are banks, third-party payment companies and merchants. All three are indispensable. In online payment, consumers, merchants, and banks have independent contractual relationships, that is, sales contracts and financial service contracts.

Second, the characteristics of Internet payment

1. There are hidden dangers in the security of network technology

Online banking is carried out in a paperless environment, which requires ensuring the safety of data transmission and ensuring that business data is not stolen and tampered with. Therefore, people have doubts about the security of data transmission and other issues.

2. Virtual transaction risk

The things received online are based on the open system platform, and their identities on both sides are placed in the virtual world. This undoubtedly increases the risk of electronic payment.

3. The basic measures have yet to be developed

Online payment is the most advanced communication method used, and the requirements for software and hardware are relatively high. If the technology is immature, it will be attacked by hackers. Therefore, the development of a complete set of Internet payment systems has become a bottleneck restricting the development of e-commerce.

4. The perfection of laws and regulations as a guarantee

Online collection is the most important step to complete the business of both parties, and it is also the basic prerequisite for the development of e-commerce. However, the risk of online payment is not only limited to online transactions, but also includes disputes with banks and problems with other issuers.

3. Current Situation and Development Trend of Internet Receipt

1. Continue to pick up transaction volume and number of users

The number of users doing online business in China will continue to increase within five years. The improvement of various environments also makes the advantages of online shopping more prominent. The transaction amount has also gradually increased.

2. Increased cooperation leads to the rapid maturity of the market

As more people enter the Internet, the cooperation becomes more intense. The first is reflected in a large amount of capital investment, as well as the diversification of competition.

3. Multi-mode integration and innovation take advantage of county resources

At the beginning, e-commerce was becoming more and more a trend of integration. Both sides of the business initially valued the convenience and security of the trading platform, and whether the identity of the transaction was an individual or a merchant. Now e-commerce is divided into several modes: B2C, B2B, C2C.



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