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Is it good or bad to pay online?

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With the rapid development of "Times", people's online payment platforms living standards are gradually improving. Online mobile payment has almost become a universal thing, it has become inseparable from our life, especially in larger first- and second-tier cities, it directly realizes a cashless lifestyle. So, is online payment good or bad? I personally have the following opinion.


The advantages of online payment

The advantages of online payment are mainly reflected in convenience, speed and safety. You do not need to go out with a lot of cash like ten years ago, which is neither safe nor troublesome. Especially in a hurry, it is easy to find the wrong money, and it is even possible to receive counterfeit money and cause certain losses. And now with online mobile payment, you can take out your mobile phone to scan the things you want to buy, which is not only convenient for our consumers, but also helps sellers to improve their work efficiency.

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Coupled with the strong support of the state and government, we will integrate our daily food, clothing, accommodation and transportation into one online payment platform, so that we can easily pay for water, electricity, gas, telephone bills and more without having to pay Going out at home, it is suitable for the elderly who are inconvenient to use at home, even eat, buy medicine, taxis can now be completed on the mobile phone, it really enriches our life and brings great convenience.

The disadvantages of online payment

Having said so many advantages, there are indeed some disadvantages of online payment at present, which can easily make people lose the concept of consumption. Especially for some underage teenagers, online payment is just a bunch of numbers, spending money is a process of changing numbers, and inadvertently develop the habit of spending money lavishly. As reported by online news, underage primary school students play games on their parents' mobile phones and reward the anchor with tens of thousands of yuan, but he himself does not know how much his parents' hard-earned money has been spent. Considering that Xiaohei took fifty cents from the family when he was a child, his father beat him severely. You can imagine how difficult it is to make money. Now that he came out to make money, he felt how difficult it was to make money.

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Another online payment method will also easily allow some criminals to take advantage of the loopholes, such as the frequent telecommunication network fraud in the past two years, social application software fraud, stealing the QR code of the merchant, enterprises and merchants need to use the student network Banks pay for edge balls, seek economic benefits and other things emerge in an endless stream, which means that it will bring certain losses to consumers' lives, and it will also make it difficult for the people's police to handle cases.

Generally speaking, the emergence of online payment has brought a lot of convenience to our life, but there are two aspects of perfect things, the advantages and disadvantages are in people's minds, I believe that online payment will develop better and better in the future, the system More and more perfect, bringing more portability to our life.