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Merchants choosing a payment gateway, these tips are quick to take!

Merchants choosing a payment gateway, these tips are quick to take!

For PCIDSS, a best payment gateway for small business's PCI security certification can serve as the strongest proof of its security in terms of technology, infrastructure and processes. When we make a selection, we can carefully review its PCI security level credentials.

For 3DS, we recommend that you choose a payment gateway that supports 3DS functionality and make it a mandatory option for users. Not only does it eliminate current and future legal risks, it is the most effective way to prevent payment fraud.

It is the most effective means of preventing payment fraud and provides strong evidence of risk management and transfer after payment fraud has occurred.

The most common problem encountered when defending a payment gateway is an attack on a customer who is not using the anti-fraud service, where all payment requests from merchant users are temporarily blocked until the attack stops, which can have a significant impact on normal business.

Therefore, we recommend that you do not skimp on your investment and always choose a payment gateway or a professional anti-fraud service provider that offers effective anti-fraud capabilities.

Payment tokenization, if your users manage their online payments primarily through the use of credit card risk, then it is our recommendation that you choose a payment gateway that offers payment tokenization capabilities that

Allowing users to be able to make electronic payments using saved card information technology can greatly enhance the user experience for loyal users.

For the examination of payment tokenization, the focus needs to be on whether the content of the card information behind it is stored in the payment gateway's own database, and if so, whether it meets the PCI Level 1 standard needs to be further determined.

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