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What are the payment methods for cross-border e-commerce?


1. Development of online cross-border electronic payment

1. Credit card payment

Cross-border e-commerce websites can cooperate with international credit card organizations such as Visa and MasterCard, or directly cooperate with overseas banks to open the port for receiving overseas bank credit card payments.

Credit card is the most popular payment method in Europe and America,online omnichannel payment,and the user base of credit card is very large.

The user population is very large, but the access method is troublesome, the deposit is required in advance, the fees are high, and the payment amount is too small? The black card price difference, there is a risk of refusing payment;

Scope of application: Cross-border e-commerce retail and independent B2C platforms. At present, the five major credit card brands in the world are Visa, Mastercard, AmericaExpress, Jcb, and Diners club, the first two of which are widely used by everyone.

2. paypal

paypal is similar to Alipay and has a high reputation in the world. It is a common payment method for customers in many countries. It allows transfers between users via email.

pros: Transactions are done entirely online. It has a wide range of applications and is especially trusted by American users. Both the payer and the payer must be paypal users to form a closed-loop transaction with good risk control;

Disadvantages: The interests of consumers (buyers) of pAYpAL users are greater than the interests of sellers (merchants) of pAYpAL users. The transaction fees are mainly provided by the merchants, which is too protective for the buyers; wire transfer fees, each transaction needs to pay transaction processing in addition to the handling fee Fees; accounts are easily frozen, and merchants' interests suffer losses;

Suitable for cross-border e-commerce retail industry, small transactions of tens to hundreds of dollars.

3. Cashpay

Advantages: fast repayment (2~3 days) and fast settlement; support for shopping cart channel integration in malls; provide more payment gateway options, and support withdrawals in the currency that merchants like;

Disadvantages: The company is not well-known in the Chinese economic market;

Security: There is a special risk control fraud prevention system Cashshield, and 100% compensation in the event of fraud. Reduce the refund rate, focus on customer profitability, and make data more secure.

A safe, fast and reasonable rate cross-border payment method, pCIDSS specification, is a multi-channel integrated payment gateway.