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Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of mobile payment?

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1. Easy to pay, no change required.

Mobile payment is convenient and fast. We can go out payment gateway hong kong without carrying a lot of corporate cash.

Consumers need at least a minute to change when using cash. If you swipe your card, this process also takes about 1 ~ 2 minutes. When there are a lot of people in line, you have to check out.

Now we use smart phones for payment. As long as we scan the code, we can complete the enterprise payment without waiting, which greatly saves shopping time.

2. Environmental protection, sanitation and resource conservation

Before the mobile payment method appeared, paper money circulated. During this university period, it is inevitable that paper money will be lost, which undoubtedly has a great impact on resources and environmental factors.

Mobile payment greatly reduces the consumption of paper money raw materials and saves resources.

3. Wide field

Nowadays, with the popularity of mobile payment, the application field of mobile payment is more and more extensive, and gradually integrated into various industries.

Whether online or offline, the "shadow" of mobile payment can be seen in shopping, medical treatment, tourism, catering, hotels and many other aspects.

From taking the bus to charging the mobile phone, to buying a house and a car, it's very simple.


1. Easy to expose privacy

If you want to pay through mobile Internet, you must bind a bank card, register and manage personal data information, and carry out real name authentication.

When we use mobile payment, businesses will have a lot of personal information of consumers.

If you encounter bad businesses, trading with this information will bring great security risks to consumers.

In addition, when we pay, we will enter the payment password. If we are not careful, it will be used by criminals. Or mobile phones are lost, personal information is leaked, and money will also be threatened.

2. Cause users' irrational consumption.

Because mobile payment enterprises are convenient and fast, students' users' concept of money has begun to be blurred and become various numbers.

Sometimes in the face of things they don't need, they will impulse shopping and have functions such as white, which makes everyone more confident in shopping.