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The metabolic syndrome: hidden in the Chinese body of the diffuse killer, you do very grasp it?


When it comes to "metabolic syndrome", many people are a bit rusty on these monikers, but when it comes to high blood pressure, diabetics, obesity, hyperlipidemia, I believe that the vast majority of people know a lot about it, because there are too many people around who have this disease. In fact, the pre-link of this disease is metabolic syndrome, the trend to produce cardiovascular (including stroke, myocardial infarction, etc.). According to the statistical analysis of the reference literature, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular is the first killer that endangers the life span of households in China, so today return to care, it is crucial for us to popularize what "metabolic syndrome" really is.

I. What is "metabolic syndrome"?

In the 1980s, some physicians noticed that high blood pressure and high blood lipids often occurred together in the same patient, and this situation caused a lot of concern. Here, we must first grasp the fundamental definition of metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome is a group of genetic factors and environmental factors together, the body's protein, body fat, sugar and carbohydrates and other chemical substances produce metabolic disorders, in the medical production of a series of syndromes. (mainly includes centripetal obesity, high blood lipids and impaired fasting glucose).

--International Diabetes Federation (DF)

In simple terms, metabolic syndrome is a disorder of a series of bodily chemicals, usually genetically inherited or environmentally compromised, that produces disruptions in the metabolism of proteins, body fats, sugars and carbohydrates. The main manifestations are centripetal obesity, high blood lipids and impaired fasting glucose.

Second, how is the metabolic syndrome generated?

Metabolic syndrome is generated, life habits are not scientific is the key element, nutrient imbalance, lack of nutrients and vitamins, too many meals calorie high food and production of processed food, exercise body reduced, too much stress, long-term late night, air pollution, endotoxin erosion these are the cause.

In addition, the age factor is also very important, metabolic syndrome disease probability increases with age, 20-30 years old people's disease rate is only 7% or less, to 60 years old, nearly half of the people will be sick. Therefore, metabolic syndrome can also be understood as the aging of body functions.

Three, the clinical manifestation of metabolic syndrome

After getting metabolic syndrome, the human body will successively occur obesity, fatigue, lower resistance, increased blood sugar, increased blood glucose, increased blood uric acid, inflammation phenomenon, arteriosclerosis and other conditions. This clinical manifestations promote each other, accelerate the decline of body functions, is the basic of a variety of cardiovascular diseases.

IV. Diagnostic criteria of metabolic syndrome

-Chinese Medical Association Diabetes Branch

Among the above 5 criteria, if 3 of them occur, it is metabolic syndrome.

From the perspective of prevention, only one of the above criteria should be achieved, and we should gradually adjust our lifestyle habits. The metabolic syndrome occurs more than ten years earlier than the clinical medical disease, if you can immediately prevent and regulate, you can prevent the onset of the disease.

V. Objectivity of metabolic syndrome and the whole process of its development

Chronic diseases caused by metabolic syndrome are the most important factor that endangers the physical and mental health of Chinese people.

According to the "Guide to Primary Care for Dyslipidemia (2019)", the prevalence of diseases caused by metabolic syndrome in China has remained high.

There are 160 million people with dyslipidemia

The number of people with high blood pressure is 270 million

The number of diabetics is 92.4 million

70-200 million people are overweight or obese

The whole process of metabolic syndrome development trend of degenerative disease

Along with China's economic development and the improvement of living standards, everyone's dietary structure and life attitude changes, the incidence of diseases related to metabolic syndrome in China shows a significant growth trend, metabolic syndrome along with the development trend of the disease, it is very likely to become high blood pressure, diabetic patients, obesity and other problems, thus causing stroke, myocardial infarction and other high line risk diseases.