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Why is WhatsApp called the "international version of WeChat"?

With more than 1.5 billion monthly active customers, whatsapp business apiis now the widely used instant messaging software around the world and is the preferred communication software in Africa, South America, Russia, India and other regions. India is its larger sales market, where it has 250 million monthly active customers.

India has also turned into a large and medium-sized experimental field for WhatsApp. After its attempt to release payments first in India was blocked, it then implemented its first new project to turn cash first in India, the company API, which works like WeChat's WeChat app. Previously, it released WhatsApp corporate account in India, which is equivalent to WeChat WeChat Public.

WhatsApp "WeChatization"
"NoAds,NoGames,NoGimmicks (no ads, no games, and no tricks)." This is the same company culture that WhatsApp has previously believed in, but since it was included under Facebook, the front kind has been trying to turn cash on it, and founders JanKoum and BrianActon have also left. According to reports, in 2019, WhatsApp's "WeChat circle of friends" can also be like the WeChat circle of friends to send ads.

This is all based on WhatsApp's first profitable commodity, the company API (application programming socket), which it is preparing to release in India in advance, with the first collaborations being with MakeMyTrip, India's larger online travel regional agency, customer service mobile software giver Zendesk and Gurgaon based drug delivery startup 1mg.

"Last year people saw that many SMEs have applied WhatsApp to communicate with their customers. People realized that it is an effective dedicated tool for Indian companies and also creates value of use for customers." Matthew Idema, chief strategy officer of WhatsApp, informed Indian news media ET.

Swiggy's WhatsApp corporate account web page
WhatsApp has been gradually testing its company accounts since September of last year and announced the release of the service project in January. The company can send text messages to consumers by downloading the WhatsAppbusiness application for free.

"Today everyone's development strategy will go further and release WhatsApp company APIs, key to face these (than easy smartphones give) operating on a large scale to facilitate their interaction and communication with users." Idema said.

The company can connect the WhatsApp Enterprise API to many people's operating systems, push announcements to customers on WhatsApp, and respond to their questions. Although the company connection API is free, the company will pay for each message pushed.