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The difference between digital control processing and traditional processing

The difference between digital control processing and traditional processing

1、Processing technology

In the ordinary machining process, whether it is positioning reference, clamping method, tool, cutting method, etc.. Can be simplified, but the data processing process is more complex, need to fully consider these factors.

Even if the execution of the same machining task, digital control machining process can also have a variety of options, can be arranged with a variety of processing parts and tools as the main line.

The process has a variety of characteristics, which is the difference between the digital control machining process and traditional machining process.

2、Clamping and fixtures

In the digital control processing technology, not only the development of the need to clamp and machine tool coordinates to ensure that the direction of the enterprise is relatively fixed, cnc machining service china but also to manage the coordination of the size of the parts and machine tool coordinates system issues.

And the clamping process needs to be an effective control of their own positioning and clamping two step method. Moreover, under the traditional Chinese machining process, hr management system due to the limited level of machining capacity of the machine itself, multiple clamping is required continuously during the machining process.

The need to make full use of special clamps, which directly leads to higher costs in the design and manufacture of clamps, which invariably increases the production and operating costs of the company's products.

And digital control machining process positioning data can be used at the same time to debug the instrument, s19 95th in most cases are not likely to need time for the design of special clamps, so relatively speaking its cost is relatively low.


In the process of processing, the need to determine the choice of tools according to the different processing technology and processing methods. Especially in the digital control processing, the use of high-speed cutting is not only conducive to improving processing efficiency, but also to ensure the quality of processing.

Effectively reduce the possibility of cutting deformation, shorten the processing cycle, thereby further increasing the demand for tools.

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