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3 advantages of 5g millimeter wave, learn more about it!

3 advantages of 5g millimeter wave, learn more about it!

Benefit 1: Extremely wide bandwidth

The general millimeter wave frequency range is 26.5 ~ 300 GHz, 5g mmWave and the bandwidth is as high as 273.5 GHz, which is more than 10 times the full bandwidth of DC to microwave.

Even considering the atmospheric absorption, only 4 main windows can be used for propagation in the atmosphere, but the total bandwidth of these 4 windows can reach 135 GHz, which is 5 times the sum of the bandwidths of the following microwave bands.

This is undoubtedly very attractive in today's tight frequency resources. This attraction is like finding a green shortcut on the red and purple map navigation.

Advantage 2: Narrow beam

The millimeter wave beam is much narrower than the beam through the microwave at the same or antenna design size. For example, for a 12cm antenna, the beam formation width is 18 degrees at 9.4GHz, while the width of the wave speed is only 1.8 degrees at 94GHz.

This improves the ability to distinguish small targets closer together or to observe details of the learning target more fully and clearly.

The narrow beam of millimeter wave allows the signal to be transmitted more accurately to specific users.

Advantage 3: Strong detection capability

The wide band and wide spectrum capability can be used to suppress multipath effects and spurious echoes. A large number of frequencies are available, effectively eliminating mutual interference.

Large multi-spectral low-frequency shifts can be obtained at the target radial velocity, thus improving the detection and identification of low-speed moving or vibrating objects.

This feature will be widely used in military radar and other technical fields.