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Make sure the five keys that are successful on the edge calculation


Understand why

What can edge computing do for you? Successful deployment begins with accurately understanding what your goals are, and what you want to achieve. This requires the start of the baseline assessment.

Before installing or deploying any content, check the current application and process carefully. How to collect, process and use data? This can help you determine reasonable expectations, so as to design a meaningful marginal deployment process for you.

A realistic attitude towards resources.

Traditional systems may be incompatible with modern marginal calculations to deploy and make full use of edge computing, which may need to rewrite or rebuild the platform. For example, this may mean modifying some software or converting your entire facility from Windows to Linux.

If you have no resources and personnel to do this, hiring integrators is fully acceptable. Do you provide support after delivery? Otherwise, you either need to hire someone or continue to sign a contract with the partner. Both methods are available, but deployment and operating costs will increase, so you need to plan in advance.

Pay attention to cloud computing

Although edge computing does make the data processing and calculation closer to the source, you still need to use some cloud resources to store and analyze. Therefore, it is very important to understand how much resources you need lte iot.

Because of the dynamic expansion capacity of cloud computing, your consumption may grow rapidly and unlimited, which greatly improves costs. Unless you don't pay, cloud service providers will not limit your consumption, so you either invest here or often audit to ensure that it is kept within the budget.

Starting from the pilot

One of the biggest mistakes that the company is in the deployment of edge is that the scale is too large and the speed is too fast. They tried to do too many things at a time, but the result was a huge project that took too long, and it was difficult to fulfill their promises.

Wise approach is to deploy in stages. Solving a factory process or a field, starting from the pilot, it proves success and gradually expand.

The edge of the puzzle is only a part.

Edge computing is not a pitch to solve the challenge of all manufacturing computing. The entire computing ecosystem should be based on data analysis and mobile, cloud and local technology. The edge is a key part of the manufacturing technology stack, which can eliminate the problem of delay and improve work efficiency, but it is only part of the problem, which helps to set feasible expectations and ensure that you get the best results and return on investment from the edge calculation plan from the edge calculation plan. Essence

Utilizing the most innovative technology in the market to help manufacturers improve operating efficiency, security data, and reduce operating costs, it provides a powerful tool. However, deploying the edge platform requires a lot of resources, from network and computing to storage, applications, and high professional skills.

If a comprehensive partner knows your goals, challenges, and abilities, it can make the deployment smoother, thereby achieving the promise of marginal computing and making your project on time and budget.