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Simple and easy to understand electronic payment interface method detailed introduction

Simple and easy to understand electronic payment interface method detailed introduction

Third-party payment has long become an credit card gateway indispensable part of everyone's daily life, although not unfamiliar, but to deal with cell phone payment is convinced that many people must feel curiosity against the electronic payment interface method and its what is called mobile payment platform, right?

Electronic payment interface way

A. Payment platform details
Payment site (PaymentGateway) is a bitmain antminer s19 pro cena financial institution financial industry application system and the Internet Internet between the socket, is the actual operation by the financial institution will be the Internet to pass the data exchange for the financial enterprise internal structure data information of a group of network server machine equipment, or by the third party assigned to solve the store payment information and customer settlement orders.
The payment website can guarantee the safe and seamless splicing transmission of the sale and purchase in the middle of the Internet customer and the sale and purchase solution provider, and does not need to carry out changes to the original software system. It can solve all the Internet payment agreements, Internet security protocols, purchase and sale interchange, conversion of information content and contracts, and their local authorization and clearing solutions. In addition, it can be set up to meet the requirements of special transaction resolution operating systems. Without the payment website, the mobile payment role of Internet banks cannot be fulfilled. MasterCard credit card payment sites are payment platforms of financial institutions that are technically specialized in giving international credit card collections. MasterCard credit card payment sites are generally developed and designed by third-party payment companies in collaboration with financial institutions.

Second, the payment interface method

1、Asset two-clear class
The asset two-clear service platform iot wifi module is relative to a clear organization, a clear organization's pos machine or payment terminal equipment immediately through the bank or third-party payment companies licensed by the central bank to carry out settlement, the sale of clearing money immediately allocated to the merchant. The "two-clear" service platform of the pos machine or payment terminal equipment must complete two settlements, that is, the clearing assets from the financial institutions or third-party payment organizations first to the "two-clear" company's own account, after the enterprise settlement, and then clear to the merchant.
Simply put, the "two clear" company does not have a central bank payment license, not authorized by the central bank payment services, but in a specific practice under the acquirer bank card acquiring, is a violation of the operation, the conclusion may lead to the service platform "pool" way, thus causing the "boss run". Thus causing "boss run away" risky security risks.

2, technical integration class
The second type of fusion payment company is a technically integrated service project company. Unlike the fourth party of the purely second-clear service platform of the asset second-clear class, this type of company has moved to the other end. The industry's better-known technically integrated class of companies pay FM presents its distinctive features: payments must be signed by merchants separately, and assets still arrive by each three-party payment platform as normal. Technically integrated companies grasp the fact that online and offline merchants do not have sufficient research and development capabilities to adjust the ports of each three-party payment platform one by one to carry out the release and maintenance of the characteristics, from the optimization of the ports of each three-party payment platform and secondary packaging form of entry, to complete the merchant once connected to immediately enable the payment capabilities of several. The technically integrated class of payments only solves the problem of stores being able to quickly release a variety of payments. Technically integrated class companies do not apply for merchant numbers with merchants, but only give the technical bottom line, and even all steps self-service options. Technical integration companies make money by deducting a small surcharge from the company or by operating business processes that have been broadened by other financial industries, are purely fragmented technical consulting, and only carry out secondary integration of the opened ports. The technical integration class of companies is relatively reliable, and it is slightly exaggerated to understand it as two-clear or two-clear information content, which uses ports that are open to the public by every three-party payment platform, only according to the new technology to achieve the integration of the socket.

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