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Why do SMEs always fail in human resource management?

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Organizational restructuring is one of the main forms of corporate development and change. With the highly developed information technology and the concept of zero distance from the customer, companies are trying to flatten their organizations, so that managers at all levels will have a greater range of responsibilities, newer concepts and faster and closer behavior to the customer. In this way middle management staff is redefined as those who take on more of society's responsibility for translating strategy into operational development business training programs hrms hk.

As a result of process re-engineering in the reorganization of social organizations, corporate work is reorganized and the job work environment becomes more fluid, changing and adapting more often to take advantage of the individual development talents of each of our employees to achieve. Companies often emphasize both teamwork and individual performance, so the concept of competition requires employees to have an understanding of the relationship between themselves and the company, between themselves and their work, and between themselves and their colleagues. "and other aspects should have a new orientation.

Modern human resource management has a direct and positive impact on the motivation and initiative of the organizational team. Why are many SMEs unsuccessful in human resource management? What are the loess causes? Through the relevant analysis found that, first of all, there is a misconception of SME decision makers, think that the human resource management department is spent, is the human cost department of the enterprise, of course, if you recruit the person in charge of the human resource department's professional knowledge and skills are still in the traditional personnel management level, the answer is that the results are sure, if the modern human resource management level to catch, it is early input, the results Definitely the opposite.

As an enterprise boss, must be able to identify the modern human resources management and traditional personnel management level of differentiation, traditional personnel management is more rigid monotonous, while the real modern human resources managers, can be the potential of the enterprise team members are not developed, he is the use of scientific basis and corporate reality for the combination of common features, modern human resources management has flexibility, and will find that everyone is The reason why modern human resource management will directly and positively affect the enthusiasm and motivation of the corporate team.