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What are Bitcoins and what are they used for

What are Bitcoins and what are they used for

What is Bitcoin? It is not a legal tender, so it does not have the value of a digital currency, and as a digital currency, it does not have any practical application value. In other words, it has value because everyone believes in it, and if people don't believe in it San Tin, it will be worthless. 2 million commercial and residential buildings are scandalized to 10 million, and when the sales market quiets down, it is still worth 2 million, while for bitcoin, there is nothing to support its value except "self-confidence". Until the sales market quiets down, it is likely to be worth infinity 0.

In fact, Bitcoin is a personal credit trust, a reflection of the total yield of the network's resources. The value of Bitcoin is not Bitcoin itself. It's just the network resource he's attached to, everyone's personal credit. Many people can't figure out a string of numbers,bitmain s19 pro price is it worth that much? The reason historical time won't be available is because the content of information can be copied infinitely. With bitcoin, with the time format, with the hashing algorithm, with the encryption method, with the consensus mechanism, the information content is becoming more and more of a scarce resource. Having a certain level of bitcoin means you have a certain amount of resources in real life. This is the same as a house is worthless, but the land resource parts are valuable is a meaning. So many bitcoins have gone through a variety of attacks, several times almost went to zero, and eventually came back, the higher it went, the more people would agree on him.

Because bitcoin has a wide variety of attributes, bitcoin is gradually touching with the actual. Many businesses have begun to accept bitcoin to convert its property attributes into property, bitcoin in the blockchain technology financial industry, which actually connects bitcoin to the financial industry, making the network resources to social reality. The tighter this bundle is, the more valuable bitcoin will be.

In the real world, people embody real-life capital based on a price mechanism, and the best place for this type of capital is a personal credit, because of the security of the Bitcoin login password, the consensus that has been built over the years, and the technical superbness of using it to show that our current capital is safer, more convenient, and stronger than anything else. The higher the profitability of Bitcoin, the stronger the belief, and all the time it becomes a solid and unbreakable entitlement.

What is Bitcoin? People can completely treat it as a high-yield investment and financial product, to get it go to a large and medium-sized trading center like OuYi OKEx and buy it directly to be able to.

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