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A full analysis of the five skills of credit card use

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Credit card application, credit card cash withdrawal, credit card spending, online credit card payment gatewaycredit card repayment, credit card security, these five tips are analyzed as follows:

1、Application skills

Understand the characteristics of various credit cards in the society, as well as their cnc machined aluminumown credit management, and to understand the bank where the financial business assets, and then proceed to apply for a bank credit card and card type that suits us. The first credit card should try to apply to become a bank that may give you a higher limit, and the four major banks are recommended to apply later. In addition, want to apply for more than one credit card, it is recommended to have active learning to use a credit card for six months, and then apply for another bank's credit card by card will be better. Card is usually required to improve the proof of work practice or social security, in order to show that you work and income level is stable, the main problem of income proof method is also the state in order to study the proof of work experience, salary and income appropriate to write high about 30% is possible.

2、Withdrawal skills

The credit card application amount is determined according to your personalWhatsminer M31S+ and asset credit status and the scoring standards of each line. Therefore, you should submit as much proof of your real estate and car assets as possible. or other certificates to obtain a higher credit limit. In addition, the amount can be drawn on the card daily. Banks usually favor customers with high spending power and good repayment ability. If so, spend 80% of the credit limit and have more than 3 spending transactions and merchants per month. More is better and achieve full repayment or 30% installment repayment, so that the amount can be easily increased in 3-6 months.

3、Spending Tips

Try to start using your credit card after the bill date to get the longest interest-free period and use 2-3 bank credit cards to schedule your spending wisely. Usually, regardless of the size of consumption, the priority is to use credit card consumption, such as meals, supermarket shopping, online shopping, etc. Spending can also refer to the point policies of different banks to get as much point value as possible. A word of advice, never cash out, this is the most unwise way, if you need money, think of other ways yourself (not explicitly stated here).

4, repayment skills

The major banks app and other payment platforms are providing credit card repayment services to facilitate the turnover of funds. Some credit card management software can also assist in the management and repayment reminders, such as credit card housekeeping. The credit card management software can also assist in the management and repayment reminders, such as Niu Card and 51 Credit Card Manager. If you can afford it, it is better to pay it in full; if you are tight, choose 40% repayment + 60% installment repayment. Remember, it is better to installment than overdue!

5、Security tips

Your cell phone number, ID card number and other personal data information, as well as China credit card number, expiration date, back CVV/CVC code and other information technology involved in the use of card security, please avoid the emergence of casual leakage. Technically speaking only we need to know the card number, expiration date, CVV/CVC code, no need to pass the consumer user password system to realize the consumption of the main debit; In addition, after the online electronic payment or open convenient and quick way to pay, only need to know the cell phone number and the verification code of that cell phone number to complete the consumption. So need ID card, cell phone number and other personal development information to avoid corporate leakage, cell phone use verification code to avoid being cheated by others. If it can be found that our credit card has been stolen, you should immediately call the issuing bank to lose the card and apply for the revocation of all these suspicious transactions.

These are five comprehensive analysis of credit card use skills, with a good use, credit cards are still very helpful to life, if you do not have a credit card, you can consider applying for one.