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What should I pay attention to in sheet metal processing?

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Sheet metal processing is one of the common metal processing methods sheet metal fabrication companyin the metal processing industry. With the rapid development of the economy, sheet metal processing is being used more and more widely in various industries. Sheet metal processing includes both traditional methods and processes such as cutting and downgrading, punching, bending and stamping, as well as various cold stamping die structures, process parameters, working principles and operating methods of various equipment, and new stamping technologies and techniques. However, there are some matters that we should pay attention to in the process of sheet metal processing. So what are the precautions for sheet metal processing?

Matters that need our attention in sheet metal processing GPU minerenterprises:

In the process of processing and production, employees should first learn the relevant processing technology to ensure the quality and precision of material processing. In the processing process, one can complete the process of punching, falling material, etc. After these processes, the production purpose can be achieved. In the process of processing and production, workers should pay attention to mastering the parameters, characteristics and process methods, which is an important aspect that cannot be ignored.

For material, must check carefully, the plate thickness and plate thickness tolerance, etc.; for special angles, angles within the bending radius must try to fold first, then determine whether to unfold; easy to make mistakes must be pointed out, and must be careful when doing so;

In the process of sheet metal processing, it is necessary to consider the tolerance size reasonably: negative difference to the end, positive difference to half; the size of the hole is opposite to the tolerance size; pay attention to the burr direction; draw the section view by drawing teeth, riveting, tearing, stamping bump, etc.

More dimensions should be added to the enlarged drawing to avoid errors and omissions; important markings should be made where environmental protection is needed through spraying; the unfolding teaching method in sheet metal processing should be reasonable, both in terms of saving construction materials and ensuring the processability of the enterprise; reasonable design to choose a gap and the way to wrap the edge, with a gap of 0.2 for T below 2 and 0.5 for T between 2 and 3, and the study of the wrap method usually can be used long edge wrapping short edge.

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