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Cooker hoods recommended for large and small families to buy a direction

Cooker hoods recommended for large and small families to buy a direction

Whether it is a large or small family, range hoods are an important piece of equipment indispensable to the kitchen, range hoods recommended to buy what brand and performance of the product? Some range hoods are designed to be larger in size and have more powerful suction power, mainly for customers living in large homes, while others are small in size, but have good performance and suction power to basically meet the needs of small homes. As for which one is more suitable for you, you need to combine a number of factors to decide.

Range hoods recommended by the young people why popular

Modern people are increasingly health-conscious, especially the younger generation of friends, know that the cooking process will produce a lot of grease, if not effectively sucked out, will not only adsorbed in the adsorption of their furniture above, but also cause sore throat, breathing problems and other health problems, serious and even increase the risk of cancer. Therefore, regardless of the size of the household, or open kitchen design, professional range hood recommendations are worthy of attention to improve the skills of the correct purchase of range hoods.

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The higher the price of the range hood recommendation, the better

Many consumers will think that the higher the recommended price of range hoods, the more worth buying, this idea is relatively one-sided, before buying to really consider the suction, efficiency, noise size and other parameters, different styles, performance of range hoods cost different, so the price is not the only reference standard. Range hoods recommended for their own products, need to consider the budget, household size and kitchen design and other factors.

How long is the recommended use of range hoods

Can not smell the smell of fumes do not need to open the hood? In fact, many people think that the hood will be turned off naturally after cooking. Even if you can't smell the fumes indoors, the tiny particles or harmful substances floating in the fumes are not observable to the naked eye. Therefore, after cooking, the range hood is recommended to work for another 10 minutes until the harmful particles in the indoor air are sucked away to ensure that the air is completely clean.


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