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What are the carpet cleaning methods?

vacuum cleaner

Typical carpet cleaning

First, vacuum the area with a lot of dust or pollution with a vacuum cleaner for carpet and sofahigh-powered vacuum cleaner.

Dilute the carpet cleaner and oiling agent with water in proportion and inject it into the foam box to clean the carpet evenly with "Z," while also sucking out the water stains in the carpet with the high-powered water suction machine.

After cleaning the carpet, open the window or turn on the air conditionerKenzo Kidswear to allow it to dry naturally; it should be completely dry in 24 hours.

Carpet cleaning with wool

Vacuuming The first step in cleaning a wool carpet is to vacuum it. Solid garbage and objects on the ground should be removed first.

Treatment on a local level Separately treat oil stains, fruit stains, andgreen test coffee stains on the carpet with a special cleaner. Brush the carpet edges, corners, and areas that the machine cannot reach.

Scrubbing with a dry foam Scrub the carpet with dry foam using a single-disc sweeper equipped with a foamer and a carpet brush. Wait for the cleaner to do its work on the carpet before repeating the brushing.

Combination therapy Comb or rake the carpet hairs, which is very important for the appearance of the carpet, particularly the long fiber cotton pile carpet, and has the effect of speeding up the drying time.

Suction therapy Vacuum the dirt and dry foam crystals after the carpet hairs are completely dry.

Carpet should be purchased with consideration for the furniture and the overall decoration style of the room, otherwise it will appear very abrupt, and the exquisite decoration style will not be well reflected.