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Hoola Matte Bronze Production process

Hoola Matte Bronze Production process

What do you get when you mix Hoola and a kiss from the sun?A bronzer so popular, it’s second to none.

Since its inception in 2001, Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzing Powder has quickly become a cult classic.The amazing formula that instantly gives faces a healthy, natural-looking tan all year-round is loved by the Kardashians, Kate Upton, Julianne Hough, and Ashley Graham.So if you’re going for that Just-Left-Aruba-My-Glo-Up-All-Summer17 look, Hoola is the way to glow.

The first step in creating Hoola Matte Bronzer is mixing the pigment.White, brown, red, purple, and yellow pigments are blended together to make the perfect bronze for a sun-kissed glow.A liquid binder is added to the blend to solidify powder and make it crumble-resistant.Then, the powder is triple blended through a mill.The mill acts like a coffee grinder and breaks down all of the powder into a fine texture.It’s a bit like a blizzard, a blizzard of bronzer.Once the blend is ready, it is taken to the powder press station.

Now, let’s get in formation.Loose powder is dosed into a small pan.It is covered with a clean sheet of ribbon and held into place with a heavy metal plate.The square is inserted into a powder press machine and pressed into place.Once completed, out comes a perfect bronze square, ready for packaging.On a larger scale, the same process is followed.

This machine actually makes 1,200 bronze boxes per hour.That’s 20 Hoola boxes per minute. That’s an epic amount of summer glow.

What’s an iconic bronzer without an iconic box? A machine presses Hoola stickers to the bottom of boxes and one by one, they are loaded onto an assembly line.The boxes are then flipped and a tiny dab of glue is put inside.Then the palettes are put inside the boxes and pressed one last time for security.A protective plastic casing and a soft natural bristle chief brush are packed on top.In 2016, one Hoola was sold every 10 seconds.

That makes Hoola the Number One Best-Selling Prestige Bronzer in the U.S. And voilá! A perfect box of bronze goodness on it’s way to perform major glo-ups for glam-lovers all year-round.