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Basic knowledge and selection of avocado

Basic knowledge and selection of avocado

Hi I'm Dan with fresh point and I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about the basics of avocados with you.

Avocados often get a bad rap because they are pretty expensive fruit .There are ways to work around that. The three families of avocados there's Mexican Guatemalan and the low-fat Caribbean or Florida avocados.

The Florida avocados are the only ones that have a USDA grade standard. They have a number one and a number two.

The mexican guatemalan in mexican guatemalan hybrids don't have a USDA speck but they do have an industry established grading system. We have a number one and a number two. The grade is based on external factors only, uniformity of shape consistency of color and lack of scarring. There is a price difference between number ones and number twos but there's no difference on what's inside. They'll both have the same rich, buttery ,flesh, that everybody loves with an avocado.

So you may want to consider saving some money by choosing the right grade. Avocados come in different sizes anywhere from a 30 to 270 count there's even a new flex pack and that's simply the number of avocados per 20-pound case.So again like every other fruit the lower the number. The bigger the avocado and the bigger the price tag.So if you're making guacamole you may want to consider using a 70 count number two a little bit will go a long way .

The Hass avocado accounts for 95% of all the avocados grown in California.This avocado was developed by a postman named Rudolf höss.It's the industry standard it performs well it ripens great it grows fast. It's just an all-around perfect avocado. California is the leading producer there are many varieties grown but the Hass reigns supreme.

Florida or Caribbean avocados are a little different.They never turn black when they're right.They stay green actually have a lower fat content so they're not as rich and don't have that nice buttery flavor of a regular avocado.

So how do you know when your avocados right .Well a lot of the times the skin will tell the tale. A number one stage is 100% green has no give when you apply gentle pressure to the stem end. As you let your avocados warm up don't store a green avocado in the refrigerator.

It'll never ripen they'll start blushing black you'll get less green.You'll start to get a little gift then they'll go full black at this point little .Gentle pressure by the stem that yields.

You know it's ripe and ready to go you don't want to get your avocados too cold they will show some chill damage sometimes when you cut an avocado. You'll see spots in it little brown spots.

It's indicative of late season fruit that may have been held on to a little too long more than likely it's chill damage, but don't fret just scoop the little brown spot out.It doesn't affect the quality or flavor of

the avocado.

I'm Dan and that was the basics of avocados you.