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I'm Muslim in Korea


I came out looking neat,I am going to Incheon Mosque now.My heart..A little..I'm excited now.And I'm nervous.

Today is Friday.So I heard there are some people in the mosque.Yes.. I am shy boy.My feeling..I feel like I will be another country person,I almost arrvied.Thanks for congratulating me.After this, we had lunch together(Lamb kabsa).I was very nervous before I arrived there.But the Muslim brothers there welcomed me with smile.The missionary there!I asked him a question.And we talked a lotI became a Muslim with Shahada simplyI've had thinking too manyI realized there were useless thinking.I'm going to learn about Islam more hard.My journey to find peace is now beginningI...I was going to make a surprise announcement on YouTube..But a lot of people already knew.So I wrote on Instagram that I became a Muslim.Many people congratulated me a lot.It feels like...I came in the nesting place.It feels the strongest.I'm so happy that you guys are so happy.Thank you(I am learning about prayer).I'll practice for my first prayerI learnedFirst, I have to find westAnd,I Stand here..I must do Wudu firstI came toilet for Wuduwith socks off..I think my toenails are dirty..Hand! First, I have to wash hands.Hands,Next,I have to rinse my mouthNext,What is this?I have to wash nose..Nose..?Is this right?Next, FaceNext, Arms! like this..Next, HairHair..? Is this right?And, I have to wash ears.I wonder what this means,I'll ask next timeNext, feet.Wudu, The end.

Standing..Hands to my ears,Oh... What is next?Do you remember?friend : I don't know.Hello,What should I say when I start praying?Next,Next,And.. ShahadaAnd..I don't know the Koran... So, next time...And I sit..And I have to bow twiceNext..What was it? What should I say?What should I say to the right and the left?I have to practice my prayers with watching YouTube videos.

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