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PicoWay Laser for Skin: Remove Tattoos and Brown Spots


When you think of skin treatments, you maythink of creams or even lasers.But what about sound?A new device uses pulses of sound to blastaway imperfections.Here's how it works.In her 50's, Olga Mejia still has beautifulamber skin, but she's recently become concernedby the appearance of age spots on her handsand chest area."You know, with clothes like this, the shortersleeve.""It looks like this is bothering you, right?The hands?"With the help of San Francisco dermatologistVic Narurkar, Olga is volunteering to testa newly approved technology to lighten agespots.It's a combination laser called PicoWay.

"What's unique about the PicoWay laser isit uses a mechanism that is primarily is calledphoto-acoustic, photo meaning light, acousticmeaning sound."Dr. Narukar says the sound waves are designedto break up the pigment in age spots without producing excessive heat.A second handset injects tiny fractions oflaser light to stimulate collagen tissue,smoothing the skin and helping it rebuild.Over the course of several minutes, Dr. Narukartreats Olga's hands and upper chest, first with one handset, then the other.Because the sound-based system produces lessheat, Dr.Narukar says it's gentler on many minority skin tones, which can suffer damagefrom regular lasers."The unwanted heat from lasers can createboth hypo or loss of pigmentation, or hyperor excessive pigmentation."

He says the PicoWay was successful in removing scarring and age spots as seen in these before and after photos captured during recent clinicaltrials.The treated spots typically peel off in abouta week, offering patients of diverse skin types a new option for rejuvenating theirskin.

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