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Common infant skin problems diaper rash


Common baby skin problems.Diaper rash.Hot Seborrheic dermatitis (head mud).Baby eczema.Diaper rash.

Li Tai: Nurse, why is my daughter's hips red?

Nurse: Let me see. what! Your daughter's hips are red because of a diaper rash.

Li Tai: What is a diaper rash?

Nurse: Diaper rash is caused by urine irritating to the skin.

Nurse: mostly out of vulva, perineum and hip position.

Nurse: Sometimes it can spread to the lower abdomen and upper thighs.

Nurse: That's where the diaper is wrapped.

Nurse: There were some erythema at the beginning.

Nurse: A small bulging rash will form later.

Nurse: Sometimes it even makes the entire hip red.

Li Tai: What should I do?

Nurse: The most important thing to handle and prevent is to keep your baby's hips clean and dry.

Nurse: Change diapers frequently, every time you change diapers.

Nurse: Wipe clean with damp cotton and dry the hips.

Nurse: Can apply a thin layer of body cream.

Nurse: or zinc oxide ointment.

Nurse: forming a protective film.

Nurse: Blocks fecal matter from contacting the skin.

Nurse: And zinc oxide cream.

Nurse: It also has anti-inflammatory effect.

Nurse: Remember not to use talcum powder.

Nurse: Because after applying talcum powder.

Nurse: Together with urine and sweat, it can clog pores.

Nurse: It will cause diaper rash instead.

Nurse: If the diaper rash does not improve or is severe, see a doctor.

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